At the crematorium, the father noticed that the baby was still moving and took him back to the hospital.

news Miracle Wednesday, May 04, 2016 - 09:20

A baby boy, who was thought to have no chance of survival by doctors and was almost cremated by his parents, has survived against all odds and was discharged from the government-run SSG Hospital in Vadodara on Tuesday.

The boy was born to Bhagyashri Gordale, who hails from Nanded district of Maharashtra, and her husband Nagojirao, who has been living in Bharuch for some time, on March 28.

As the boy had an acute breathing problem, he was shifted to Sir Sayajirao General Hospital here and doctors put on ventilator.

After three days, doctors told the couple that the chances of baby's survival were almost nil, and he would die within five minutes of being taken off the ventilator.

Thinking that further treatment was futile, the parents got the boy discharged, and thinking him dead, took him to a crematorium here on March 31.

However, at the crematorium, Nagojirao noticed that the baby was still moving, so he took him back to the hospital.

The doctors readmitted the boy and put him back on ventilator.

He responded to treatment and was taken off ventilator two weeks ago and started breathing on his own and was discharged today, Dr Rajeev Deveshwar Pandey, superintendent of SSG Hospital said.

This was a very rare and unique case, Dr Pandey said.


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