Alleged IS recruiter Afsha Jabeen names active members of terror group in India

Jabeen was deported from Dubai last month, for allegedly propagating the terror group's ideologies online
Alleged IS recruiter Afsha Jabeen names active members of terror group in India
Alleged IS recruiter Afsha Jabeen names active members of terror group in India
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A little over a month after alleged Islamic State (IS) online recruiter Afsha Jabeen was deported to Hyderabad from Dubai, intelligence agencies have learnt of active IS members in India through Jabeen's interrogation.

Reports suggest that Jabeen named many potential IS recruits and active members in India, who are being closely monitored by the agencies. 

Interrogation reports accessed by The Sunday Express, Jabeen identified six administrators of her Facebook group 'Islam Vs Christianity, a friendly discussion,' and also named 14 active members of the group based in India and abroad. 

The report adds that:

The active members of the group, include two male youths in Mumbai, one a sympathizer of the al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, two students in Delhi, a Bengaluru-based man; a youth who studied chemical engineering in a college in Hyderabad and another college student in the city and two youths from Kashmir, one a cousin of a Kashmir-based administrator of the group whose father was killed in Gaza. One of the active members named by Jabeen is Hassan Abdul Ghani of Mosul in Iraq, described by intelligence agencies as a “fully radicalised IS activist.”

One of the six group administrators is Hyderabad techie Salman Mohiuddin, who was arrested at the Hyderabad international airport in January this year, as he was leaving to allegedly meet Jabeen in Dubai, from where they would head out to join the terrorist organization.

After interrogating Salman, a US returned engineer, he had told police that he planned to go to Syria to join ISIS along with another woman.

Jabeen, who is in her late thirties was deported from Dubai, where she lived with her husband and three young children. She moved to Dubai from Hyderabad, and used to reside in the Toli Chowki area in the city.

While luring youth through multiple Facebook accounts to join the terror group, she used the fictitious name Nicky Joseph and claimed to be a British national. 

During the questioning after her arrest on September 11, Jabeen reportedly confessed that she is a strong supporter of ISIS as the group stopped Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from committing atrocities on Sunnis and wanted to establish Sharia.

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