news Thursday, May 21, 2015 - 05:30
  The death of a professor who was hit by a minister's car in Kerala has triggered a controversy in Kerala.    Here is a quick lowdown of what happened:     1. A 51-year old college professor, Sasikumar was killed after being knocked down by the vehicle in which social welfare minister M K Muneer was travelling on the National Highway at Kayamkulam late at night on Monday.   2. The incident kicked off a controversy as the luxury vehicle in which the minister was travelling is said to be owned by a NRI businessman. Though it was a private car, it used the red beacon used by VIPs. Protocol officers in Kerala however told media that that ministers are allowed to use the red beacons, VIP number plates on private vehicles being used as their official vehicles temporarily.   3. Eye-witnesses accounts say that soon after the incident, the minister’s vehicle was taken away from the spot and he continued his journey in another car provided by a Congress leader. The minister, however, claimed that he made all necessary arrangements before leaving the spot.   4. Muneer was quick to put the blame on Sasikumar, the deceased, for causing the accident. He said that the accident was caused due to Sasikumar's fault.