The main agenda was withrawal of the government from all PSUs and Banks by disinvestment of strategic sales

All sections of society should unite against dictatorship says CITUFacebook/CITU
news CITU Saturday, March 26, 2016 - 15:27

CITU on Saturday alleged that the country is moving towards dictatorship and asked all sections of society, including the working class and students, to unite to counter the 'evil designs' of the present rulers.

"Those in the Government are trying to impose their ideology on the people and giving new definition to patriotism and nationalism and want others to follow them," CITU President, A K Padnabhan said in Coimbatore.

Addressing the 11th state conference of Bank Employees Federation of India, he said all governments at the centre since 1991 when implementation of the liberalisation policy took effect were implementing policies which had seriously affected the working class and the public sector.

The main agenda was withrawal of the government from all PSUs and Banks by disinvestment of strategic sales, resulting in maximisation of profit to private entrepreneurs and deindustrialisation, he alleged.

The present dispensation was also following the same policies, but going one step ahead and trying to impose their ideology on others, he said, adding that those opposed to them were attacked and dubbed as anti-nationals.

Admitting that major trade unions, including CITU, had failed to counter the 'onslaught' on rights of workers like trying to amend labour laws and right to form unions, he said it was high time all sections of society- students, working class and those impacted by the present dispensation unite and fight to save the country from moving towards dictatorship.

The government's action of reducing interest on small savings, PPF has affected the common man, he said.

To decide the future course of action to 'save' democracy and soverignty of the country, all Central trade union would meet in Delhi on March 30, he said.

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