news Saturday, May 23, 2015 - 05:30
Facebook’s and Airtel’s Zero Rating platform have been found in violation of the principles of Net Neutrality according to a preliminary enquiry conducted by the telecom ministry. A report in The Times of India says that top sources within the ministry have told the newspaper that a “strong view” was emerging within the government that the two platforms were in violation of the principle. “This is the view after the initial assessment. However, any final decision regarding the two services will be taken only once the expert committee of the ministry submits its recommendations on the entire gamut of issues related to net neutrality,” a top source was quoted by the newspaper. The report comes at a time when the government is planning on developing a regulatory framework on the issue. The matter could take longer though as a report by TRAI is also awaited. The retirement of its chairman Rahul Khullar last month is not expected to speed up proceedings. Facebook’s aimed to provide free, preferential access to certain websites associated with the platform. Launched in April, Airtel Zero on the other hand gave partisan access to certain applications who had signed up with them. Notably, Flipkart had pulled out the platform after an initial agreement. The government though, has assured people that they are in favour of Net Neutrality. “The government though is very clear in its belief that there should be non-discriminatory access to internet for all citizens across the country,” the source is quoted by the TOI as saying. Read more at: Airtel Zero, against net neutrality: Initial findings