If elected, Biju Ramesh hopes to implement all major policies of Jayalalithaa government in Thiruvananthapuram as well

AIADMK candidate Biju Ramesh brings the Amma flavour to Kerala
news Kerala2016 Saturday, May 07, 2016 - 16:08

For Biju Ramesh, the man who shook the UDF government with his expose in the Bar Bribery Scam, AIADMK Supremo J Jayalalithaa seems to be the centre-point of his campaign, and he is painting the state in Amma’s colours through his campaign.  

The 51-year-old businessman is contesting in the Kerala Assembly elections due to be held on May 16 under the banner of AIADMK from the Thiruvananthapuram constituency.

Talking about his decision to fight the elections, he said, “I had no plans of contesting elections at all. Amma announced my name in one of the public functions and I could not say no to her. I even thought of backing out but that would be a breach of trust. Amma trusted me and I cannot break that trust, especially after she announced my candidature in a public function.”

Biju Ramesh, however, is “not bothered” about his performance in the elections. “I have no expectations. I don’t really think about the results. Amma has given me work and I will do it with all sincerity,” he says.

And in order to please the sizeable Tamil population in the constituency, Biju Ramesh has been adding the Amma flavour to his election campaigning.

A couple of artists from Tamil Nadu have been performing to the old songs of MGR and Jayalalithaa in different parts of the constituency, and that’s grabbing eyeballs.

Image source: Youtube- Asianet News

“The performance was not a part of my campaign. It was more like a comedy show to relieve people of all the tension. I do not intend to continue these performances because otherwise it will soon become a joke. However, all the MGR fans in the area enjoyed it,” said Biju Ramesh.  The performance is not the only thing that is in store. He has been campaigning around the constituency accompanied by the chendamelam.

Image source: Facebook: Dr. Biju Ramesh

 If elected, Biju Ramesh hopes to implement all major policies of Jayalalithaa government in Thiruvananthapuram as well. This includes Amma canteen and other popular policies of Amma. 

Image source: Facebook: Dr. Biju Ramesh

He has also been telling voters that he would give them free mixer grinders, TV and washing machines, which are all a part of Jayalalithaa’s scheme.

That’s not all. A lot of AIADMK leaders like SP Velumani have been coming to Thiruvananthapuram to extend their support to Biju Ramesh.

Banners and posters of Biju Ramesh, along with Jayalalithaa and MGR have also surfaced in the constituency.

Image source: Facebook: Dr. Biju Ramesh

His election symbol is the only thing that is different from that of the AIADMK. While AIADMK’s official party symbol is two leaves, Biju Ramesh has opted a hat as his election symbol.


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