Political opinion within and outside the state has not been far behind in condemning the incident.

After social media outrage Keralas politicos join chorus condemning Jishas rape
news Tuesday, May 03, 2016 - 16:32

With social media users rising up in outrage over the rape and murder of 30-year-old Jisha from Perumbavoor, political opinion within and outside the state has not been far behind in condemning the incident.

Chief Minister Oommen Chandy broke his silence earlier on Tuesday, five days after Jisha’s body was found in her house. Describing the murder as a brutal one that shook the state, he said, “Strict action would be taken against Jisha’s killers.”

Various LDF politicians also highlighted the incident, and some also took the opportunity to condemn the UDF government for its “inefficiency”.

VS Achuthananthan characterised the murder as so inhuman, that even the word “animalistic” could not capture its brutality, and said that it could only be called “devilish”. “It is extremely disturbing that men are still waiting to commit such ruthless murders,” he said, making a reference to the Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi.

He also accused the police of inefficiency in handling the case. “It is sad that an attempt to even find the rapists was not made by the police and the government, let alone capturing them,” he said, adding that this was “because of the fact that the victims are not prominent in society.” He also called this yet another example yet another example of the UDF government’s incompetence.

CPI (M) central committee member T M Thomas Issac said that it is disturbing to see how apathetic society has become and that the only way prevent such incidents was for people to be more alert and responsive. “I’m disappointed by those people who deem this incident as yet another solitary atrocity against the Dalit community. The justice that Jisha deserved should be given at least now,” he said.

He also said that unless the social outlook towards women changes, Kerala can never truly develop. “We should be bowing our heads down in shame. What right do we have to speak about Delhi’s ‘Nirbhaya’?” he asked.

CPI (M) Polit Bureau member M A Baby called the murder the biggest example of the insecurity that the lower strata of the society are facing. “In the wake of the Attingal rape case and now this, it is clear that such incidents are on the increase. We should come together as a society and react strongly to prevent such acts,” he said.

He also said that sexual atrocities against Dalits were not a new occurrence in India and said that these attacks were aimed at society rather than a specific individual. “We should make use of all the modern technologies in cases like these to make sure that the culprits are caught and punished. It’s a necessity,” M A Baby added.

M V Nikesh Kumar, journalist and LDF candidate from Azhikode constituency, criticized the “incompetence” of the police on his show ‘Good Morning Azhikode’ and urged the public not to be passive onlookers.

“This state is now turning into a place where women cannot walk around without being harassed. In such a situation, we shouldn’t be passive observers, but be active citizens fighting for the cause. This isn’t because of the lack of laws, but because of the lack in their implementation,” he said.

He too slipped in a poll promise, saying that the LDF would provide various measures for ensuring women’s safety. CCTV cameras, karate training for women and a special women’s affairs team were among the initiatives he mentioned.

JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar and MP Shashi Tharoor also posted their views on Twitter.

“Our outrage is selective. Why don’t we ever rise in unison to denounce crimes against Dalits?” Kanhaiya wrote.

Tharoor added his voice of condemnation to the growing chorus, saying, “This is horrible. A murder as brutal as Nirbhaya’s. Urgent action needed.”

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