The CPM has condemned the ‘request’ of the fringe group Hindu Munnani to Rajinikanth

After Hindu group warns Rajini CPM says Tipu protected communal harmony
Features Monday, September 14, 2015 - 08:49

Even as pressure builds on Rajinikanth from various quarters to not play the role of Tipu Sultan in a movie proposed by a Karnataka film producer, the CPM has reacted to the controversy stating that restricting Rajini amounts to violating freedom of expression.

According to media reports, the CPM has condemned the ‘request’ of the fringe group Hindu Munnani to Rajinikanth to not act in the proposed movie. In a statement, the party’s leader G Ramakrishnan reportedly said that Tipu was not ant-Tamil or anti-Hindu, and he was instead remembered as someone who sacrificed his life fighting the British and protected communal harmony. He said that attempts to curb freedom of expression are condemnable.

Ramakrishnan reportedly points to the fact that there were 30 letters which were exchanged between Tipu and Shankaracharya, and that was testimonial to the fact that he always stood for    communal harmony. He also stated that Tipu had donated money to 150 Hindu temples including the Srirangapattinam temple. Ramakrishnan said that to project Tipu as a fanatic and anti-Tamil is condemnable.

The controversy broke out after Hindu Munnai leader, on reading media reports that a film producer from Karnataka was approaching Rajini for a biopic on Tipu Sultan to be made like Baahubali, wrote to Rajinikanth asking him not to be a part of the movie. Later, TN BJP leader L Ganeshan also reportedly joined in.