In her Facebook Live, Lata Chandu Chavan alleged that people took MLA MB Patil’s name to brand them as outcasts, and when approached, he failed to help them.

After heartbreaking FB Live about injustice to her family Ktaka teen attempts suicide
news Human Rights Tuesday, October 02, 2018 - 12:53

An act of chilling cruelty has come to light in Karnataka’s Vijayapura district, where a 17-year-old girl attempted taking her own life as her family was forced to live as outcasts. In a heart-wrenching appeal, Lata Chandu Chavan poured out her misery on a Facebook Live and then consumed a few pills and a powdered substance. “I have no reason to live anymore,” Lata said.

According to Lata’s father, Chandu, the family’s land was grabbed by a few village elders, who forced them out of their home and ordered everyone in the village to not associate themselves with the family. Chandu and his family members had to move into a small house outside the village five years ago.

In the Facebook Live, Lata claims that she and her family members were subjected to constant ridicule and threats from the residents of the village.

“I am Lata Chandu Chavan and I am a resident of Vijayapura’s Hanchnala. Five years ago, the sarpanch and several members turned us into social outcasts due to a land dispute. We had complained to the Inspector, the PSI (sub-inspector), SP (Superintendent of Police) and DC about this, but no one registered an FIR and they refused to take up the case. They told us that MB Patil would get the officers transferred if they took up our case,” Lata says.

MB Patil is the Babaleshwar MLA and former Water Resource Minister. She also wrote multiple letters to the then Chief Minister Siddaramaiah and also Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking help for the family. However, authorities allegedly turned a blind eye to their plight.

“They (Siddaramaiah and Modi) would send letters to the authorities to take action, but the local authorities just ignored it. I am a second PUC student and my father has tried a lot to give us an education, but due to the legal proceedings, he has been running from pillar to post and has become very dejected. Recently, when I was coming back from college, a few people from the village called me nasty names and also threatened me. Then I called MB Patil. He told us to go to his house. He also told us that he would call the sarpanch and other village elders and sort out the matter,” Lata adds.

To her disappointment, nothing happened after the meeting and Lata’s family still had to live as social outcasts. “When we told him (MB Patil) that the authorities keep saying that they would get transferred if they cross him. We told him that everyone in the village take his name and threaten us. So he told us also to take his name. Should I give up my education and turn into a goonda?” Lata questions.

She also appealed to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and sought help for her parents and younger brother. “Narendra Modi sir, I want to ask you one question. You sit so far away and say “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao”. Am I not a daughter? Do I not have the right to education? I had to discontinue my studies because we were branded as outcasts. All my dreams have been shattered. I don’t have any reason to live so I have decided to commit suicide,” Lata says.

Lata’s mother, who was visiting her father in another village close by came home to find her daughter lying on the floor. “She rushed her to a private hospital and she has been stabilized. I was in Pune as I work as a construction labourer there. Since they took away our land, I have had to take whatever odd jobs I would get to support my family. My daughter is fine now. They inserted a pipe into her mouth to take out the poison. They have kept her under observation for 24 hours,” Chandu Chavan said.

Chandu says that the man who forcefully grabbed his family land is Paddu Hire Chavan, who he claims is MB Patil’s right-hand man.

“MB Patil sir’s right-hand man Paddu Hire Chavan is torturing us. Nothing happened even after meeting with MB Patil. They joked about the issue in front of us. He did not help resolve the issue. Paddu Chavan took our land, beat me up and took away everything from me. He is a businessman and very rich, everyone in the village listen to him. MB Patil had told the SP to take action but the SP informed his junior and no one took any action. Paddu Chavan told us that his word is the final one and he would do whatever he wanted to. He said he is not scared of anyone and that we must be scared of him,” Chandu adds.

Speaking to TNM, Vijayapura DC SB Shettennavar said that the district administration had received a complaint from Lata in December 2017 and that the authorities had followed up on the complaint. 

"The dispute was between Chandu Chavan, Lata's father and their relatives. When we investigated, we found that the family was not cast out of the village. Now that the girl Lata has alleged that they were forced to live like outcasts, we will investigate the matter. Once she is stable and able to talk, we will take her statement and proceed with the investigation," Shettennavar. 

Also, Superintendent of Police Prakash Nikam said that when Lata and her family had initially lodged a complaint with the concerned inspector and other police officials, a probe was conducted. 

"We found the allegations to be false. Her father, Chandu Chavan also has a case against him. He was booked under Arms Act. The girl has attempted suicide now. We will get to the bottom of it and see what has actually happened," he added.



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