‘Don't bring Muslims into this, you were late for boarding’: Payal Rohatgi's FB Live backfires

Actor Payal Rohatgis allusion to Muslims for denial of boarding invites ire of readersFacebook
news Controversy Saturday, January 07, 2017 - 14:38

Actor Payal Rohatgi finds herself at the receiving end of a barrage of angry comments for a controversial video where she insinuates that it was because of Muslim officials that she was denied boarding on a recent Jet Airways flight.

In the latest video uploaded on January 7, she says, “Looking at all the love and hatred that’s coming on my timeline and the trend that’s going on, all I want to say is that there have been so many times that I have caught flights 15, 20, 25 minutes prior to coming to the gate. For the record, I reached the airport at 5:20am, took my boarding and reached the gate at 6:20am and the flight was at 6:50am. I was offloaded saying there was no bus to take me from the gate to the plane because Jet Airways did not have a bus. Whether it was a bus issue or it was a secular issue, I don’t know. I just shared my point with you because all three of them at the gate were Muslims.”

She adds that she has nothing against Muslims but this is an experience that she wanted to share. Was it that they just got up on the wrong side of the bed or why was it just us? she asks. 

She also blames Jet Airways saying that they did not have a bus to take her from the boarding gate to the plane.

In the original video posted on January 3, she had said, “There was a supervisor by the name Nadeem and Abdul, both Muslim guys. I don’t know what was it. Was it a secularism act or was it a normal act of getting up from the wrong side of the bed? But he just refused to let us enter the gate.”

Soon enough, the comments started flowing thick and fast. Here are some of them:

Wonder how bhakts manage to bring about a communal angle to every minor incident. Till date I had no idea who you were. Had to look up who you were. Now your voice has become an earworm in my auditory cortex. Though, in your support, this could be a classic case of airline overbooking. It happens all the time, all around the world. Please, stop labelling yourself as secular when you are obviously not.

What part of 'please be at the boarding gate one hour prior to departure' do you not understand? LOL this is soooo dumb.  

U used such a worst language... u said abt plane crash u involved religion in this... but u knw wht.. i swear according to me if i would have aunty like u in my life i will preffer to commit sucide.... dont try to gain symphaty here.. becoz everyone knows u r dumb aunty

Are you auditioning for the role of a stupid crybaby drama queen? Just asking because noone can stoop so low in the real life.

A loser who can't be on time for a flight blames 'secular' angle. What a shame. Get a life. Accept your mistake and take your car next time. The airline is correct in refusing to board you and not refund your money.

Firstly don't give this a communal angle!!! Jet Airways should take legal action against you. If people start thinking like you then I am sure the whole country will be a war zone!!! And to everyone out here...... Refrain from politics!!! This is not a political issue. It's just that, this lady needs free publicity!!!

Look at this dimwit She thinks being "celeb" and Bringing religious card would gain some sympathy she probably don't know what are Airport secuirty checks and other norms are. Upon that saying She was not boarded coz crews were non hindu. Lol i just don't get her logic.

This video further confirms how dumb you are and I am sure it was evident from your face. I guess Jet has a policy of not allowing dumb people on their flights. Next time,headtry a train. Hopefully they will allow you.

And people aren't stupid that they'd fall for this 'Hastag Secular Hindu'. What gets on my nerve is that you tried to exploit religious sentiments just because you couldn't reach on time. FYI, we, Hindus and Muslims and Christians and Sikhs and Buddhist and everyone else, not just peacefully exist, but live happily with each other.