news Thursday, April 09, 2015 - 05:30
The News Minute | April 8, 2015 | 11.40 pm IST An anti-shutdown activist was roughed up here on Wednesday when he questioned a CPI-M legislator on how he could travel in a car while the freedom of travel was restricted for others. Kerala on Wednesday faced its third shutdown this year. Activist Raju P. Nair told the media that while they were waiting at the railway station here, they spotted two prominent Left politicians. A group of activists 'Say No to Hartals' are against shutdowns and for the past year, Nair and his activists have provided free transport to the needy who arrive at railways stations on shutdown days. "CPI-M legislator A. Pradeep Kumar got down from the train and got into a car. I asked him if it's good that while freedom of travel of all others is restricted, how come you travel in the car? When I said this, the person along with him pushed me aside," said Nair. Wednesday's shutdown has been called by various organisations to protest the hike in insurance premiums and fuel price. Few public vehicles are plying in the city areas and the villages have been cut off as no vehicles are operating in the countryside. Nair and his team also spotted former CPI state secretary Paniyan Ravindran at the railway station. A vehicle was waiting to pick him up. "We asked him how come he moves around, when they say that all should remain at home during shutdown days. But he was very cool and gave us a reply which was least convincing," said Nair. A determined Nair said: "We will fight this menace of shutdowns till its logical conclusion... more and more people are joining 'Say No to Hartals' movement. Right now they have units in most of the central districts and they are spreading to other areas also." Video of A Pradeep Kumar travelling in car on hartal day taken by "Say No to Hartal" Team.           ഹർത്താൽ ആഹ്വാനം ചെയ്യുന്ന നേതാക്കൾക്ക് ഹർത്താൽ ബാധകമല്ല !!! എറണാകുളം സൌത്ത് റെയിൽവേ സ്റ്റേഷനിൽ വന്നിറങ്ങിയ കോഴിക്കോട് സി . പി ഐ .( എം) MLA എ. പ്രദീപ്കുമാർ ടാക്സി കാറിൽ കയറി പോകാൻ തുടങ്ങുന്നു. സെ നോ ടു ഹർത്താൽ പ്രവർത്തകർ അദ്ദേഹത്തെ ചോദ്യം ചെയ്തപ്പോൾ അദ്ദേഹത്തിന്റെ ഡ്രൈവർ, സെ നോ ടു ഹർത്താൽ കണ്‍വീനർ ശ്രി രാജു പി നായർ നെ കയ്യേറ്റം ചെയ്യുന്നു .#RajuPNair#SayNoToHarthalovercome #HarthalFear#CPIM#Kerala Posted by Say NO to Harthal on Tuesday, April 7, 2015
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