The freebies are getting bigger and more expensive.

ACs bikes and refrigerators Grapevine buzzing crazy over freebies Amma will shower on TN
news TN 2016 Monday, May 02, 2016 - 13:37

Every political party in Tamil Nadu has released its election manifesto ahead of the 2016 polls, except the AIADMK. With less than two weeks to go for polls, Amma, it seems, is saving the best for last. The delay in releasing the manifesto has only fuelled speculation about just what’s in this prized goodie bag.  

If rumours are to be believed, it appears the Queen Bee of Tamil Nadu politics isn’t bothered that her rivals, from the DMK to the PWF and the PMK, have all taken a stand against freebies. She seems to believe that freebies will once again woo the people to vote for her.  

 TOI reports that Jayalalithaa is holding the “document of intrigue” close to her chest and will only be revealing it closer to polling for two reasons: one, to catch her opponents off-guard with “more than one freebie” and other tall promises, and two, to avoid any legal hassles which may come up because of the same.

But this hasn’t stopped WhatsApp groups from making wild guesses, and even the Times of India and Vikatan have reported on some of the speculation.

After Amma Water, Amma Canteen, Amma Baby Kits, Amma Cement… never mind read here - The mind boggling list of every Amma product and service launched in last 5 years, now people are expecting free LCD TVs, refrigerators and even washing machines. Where is the state going to get all the electricity for this you ask? Voila, there is free electricity too!

If that’s not enough, the cherry on the cake is that Amma will give free motorbikes to people.  

Here is a sample of a WhatsApp message doing the rounds.

AIADMK Manifesto likely promises

1) Free LCD TV

2) 200 units of electricity free

3) Free Refrigerator

4) Free Washing Machine

5) Free Scooty for each family

6) Gold for marriage from 4 grams to 8/grams

We could roll our eyes all we want, but one can always trust Jayalalithaa to pull out an ace when the time is right.

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