When asked why a rope was left hanging in the giraffe's enclosure, the zoo engineer said he did not have the information.

Accident or negligence Giraffe gets entangled in rope strangled to death in Tirupati zooImage for representation
news Animal Welfare Tuesday, July 11, 2017 - 15:19

In what could possibly be a case of negligence, an 11-year-old giraffe in Sri Venkateshwara National Zoo Park in Tirupati, lost its life after getting entangled in a rope hanging which was hanging from a tree in its enclosure.

The incident happened late on Sunday night, and when the caretakers found the body the next morning. The rope was reportedly used to hang grass leaves to allow the giraffe to practice reaching for its food at a height.

Subush was the only giraffe in the facility.

Speaking to TNM, Niranjan Reddy, Assistant Engineer at the National Zoo Park said, "It was a healthy and fit giraffe. The accident was so sudden that had trouble believing it at first."

“He was the only one he had. The barrack seems empty and quiet without Subush,” he added.

After the caretakers found the body, the zoo authorities sent it for post mortem. It was found that Subush died of a heart attack.

“The heart attack was a result of suffocation and additional panic as there was no around to help,” Reddy said.

Reddy insisted that the security was ‘perfect’ in the enclosure and the accident was completely unexpected. However, when asked about why the rope was left hanging in the enclosure, Reddy said that only Srinivas Reddy, the curator would have the information about the same. Despite multiple attempts, TNM could not get in touch with the curator.

But not everyone is convinced that the giraffe died due to the accident. Speaking to The New Indian Express, a veterinarian said that the giraffe was the only big animal in the zoo. Other animal lovers believe that the animal was lonely and therefore had become weak.

Subush has now been buried, and it seems unlikely the zoo will have another giraffe in the near future. Niranjan Reddy, says "I’m not too sure as we will have to get another giraffe from South Africa, and the proposal will need to be routed from top officials,” Niranjan Reddy said.