Flix Friday, January 16, 2015 - 05:30
Read update/details- Former President and India's 'Missile Man' Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam passes away The anonymity that social media offers is exploited by some mischief mongers. We all get forwarded messages in our inbox which turns out to be fake. Here are few such international and desi messages that were a big hit! Missile man of India hospitalized and no media bothered "Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam our Missile Man is hospitalized from last two weeks but no media is interested, but we are true lovers of him. Let's pray for his speedy and complete recovery today 9 pm and share this message to everyone to prove that any media is not necessary to remember our Heroes. Forwarding your prayers." This message was being spread widely on WatsApp and the former President of India himself had to react. Som msg is bein circultd dat Im unwell & hospitalized!This is totally FALSE.Im bsy workin with severl commitmnts. Plz pay no heed2such rumor  APJ Abdul Kalam (@apj_abdul_kalam) October 22, 2014 Facebook to charge users from November 1 Months back there was a message that said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was going to close down the social networking site saying that the young Harvard drop-out wanted 'his old life back' and that he wished to 'put an end to all the madness'. The message spread so much that the Facebook team had to issue a statement that it was false and asked users to 'help' them to 'put an end to this silliness.' Being called silly, the rumour mongers have now decided to target the social network site again.  Message now being spread is that come November the site is going to charge its users. People also began speculating what the monthly charge would be!    Student from NIT Karnataka and man from Pune succumbs to Ebola A message saying that a student of the National Institute of Technology, Karnataka had succumbed to Ebola was spread in WatsApp and the entire government officials were in a tizzy. Rumours were that an Ethioian student studying in the institution was infected with Ebola. The fact was that the said Etiopian student had not travelled to his country for the last two years and the student who had passed away died not because of Ebola but, a liver ailment. The health minister of the state warned rumour mongers with criminal action. Few days back the Ebola rumour spread northwards to Maharashtra.  “Ebola reached Maharashtra unfortunately!! Infected person-Rakesh Bhandhari worked in an IT Company,Pune expired today. Please take precautions against this Virus and spread the awareness!! Friends plz eat Honey as much as possible to safeguard yourself from this virus ebola becz this virus directly effects Human Blood Cells. Honey is for the Blood Cells so this is a precaution to save u from the ebola virus..." was the message that was being forwarded.  Medical Officer of Pune Corporation rubbished the reports and said that he would register a complaint in the cyber cell to trace the man who initiated this false message. Black money in Swiss banks mainly from India     Images revealing names of Indian black money holders were being circulated in WatsApp and in the internet. One letter from the Swiss Bank Corporation sent to the Government of India was also being forwarded. The names are different in the forwards. Maybe some of the people on the list do have black money accounts, but these forwards don't contain verified information. R.I.P. Morgan Freeman At about 5 pm ET on Monday, our beloved director Morgan Freeman passed away due to a artery rupture," read a page R.I.P. Morgan Freeman that was started in Facebook. The message spread so fast that there were scores of condolence messages. "It'ss an amazing sort of bitter news to learn that you have deceased somewhere," the director told while he appeared on a television show. He also mimed receiving a message asking if he was dead. "Nope. Not yet," he said he replied.
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