With his new track telling girls to diet and lose weight, here's a song tailor-made for Baba Sehgal

Ab bas bhi kar le A lyrical reply to Baba Sehgals sexist body-shaming song Dieting kar le
Flix Entertainment Friday, April 29, 2016 - 15:13
Baba Sehgal is easily one of the wackiest artists of the Indian music scene. The latest among his lyrical, er, “creations”, ‘Dieting Kar le’, however, has taken sexism, chauvinism and hypocrisy to new levels.
The video begins with skinny women holding pompoms and dancing to the tune and a few moments into the video, the shot cuts into showing a plus-size woman running her way to that oh-so-desirable hourglass figure. Visuals of thin women are dispersed throughout the video to put the point across as well.
As if that wasn’t enough, the lyrics of the song are downright offensive. Here’s an example –
Arre pet bhi tera nikal rahha hai
Boyfriend bhi tera nikal raha hai
Weighing scale par 80 kg
Weight tera yeh nikal raha hai
Here, he tells the girl that her boyfriend is leaving her because of her increasing weight. “Arre pet cover kar liya hai chunni se, it’s looking odd. Kamar thi 26 ab hai 32, OMG oh my God,” he adds. (You’ve covered your tummy with a dupatta but it looks odd. Your waist has expanded from 26 to 32, oh my god!) And the refrain of the song goes,
“Dieting gori dieting gori dieting tu karle karle!”
(Diet fair woman, diet!)
With the demeaning scrutiny that women of all ages already go through on the internet, the song may not be the first of its kind, but it certainly cannot be taken lightly. The likes of Yo Yo Honey Singh have already been at the forefront of subjugating and objectifying women in their songs. Sexist and offensive lyrics sold on catchy beats indoctrinate the patriarchal status quo even further.
But no, this is not an article on why there shouldn’t be sexist song and objectification of women. Instead, we thought, why not use the same methodology as these artists and write them a song, fashioned along Baba Sehgal’s new song? So here goes -
Stop writing songs, writing songs, ab bas bhi kar le (x2)
Arre dekh zara tu akal iski
Bas ke bahar hai sabke samajh ki
Gaane mein thoda jhol karke
Publicity karli hai apni
Study tu karle feminism ki
Nahi zarurat mujhe teri diet ki
Sexism ka na chalega taana
ab bas bhi kar, na bana tu gaana
Stop writing songs, writing songs, ab bas bhi kar le (x3)
Arre mind kiya maine ki tere lyrics
Hain bade hi chauvinist
Aa training tujhko de dun
In what cyber shaming is
Tujh jaise hai bohot dekhe Yo Yo
Toh kya hua jo main nahi hoon “hot”
Mera weight meri identity nahi
I’m more than a song’s sub-plot
Toh kya jo pet nikal raha hai? 
Boyfriend toh mera asshole nahi
Weight ho chaahe 80 kg
Tujh jaisi soch toh nahi
Stop writing songs, writing songs, ab bas bhi kar le (x3)
Beats mein sexism chupaake
Bana diya ek aur gaana
Pehle kaha “go to the gym”
Fir bola patli kamar banana
Gym jaun ya cola piyun
Ya bhindi khaake aish karun
Phone par cake ki recipe lekar
Akele khaun aur kissi ko na dun
Jeans agar meri tight ho gayi
Size bade bhi milte hain
Agar tailor ne aisa kuch bola
Toh uss par bhi gaana likh dun
Stop writing songs, writing songs, ab bas bhi kar le (x3)
Ladki hoon toh saari zindagi
Bohot mile, who objectify
Par wazan, soorat ne kabhi roka nahi
So you can do your thing, I’m still going to fly
Stop writing songs, writing songs, ab bas bhi kar le (x3)
Baba kitna likhega baba.. bas bhi kar..
Watch the original video here.
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