As the counting ended In the wee hours of Wednesday, the Nitish Kumar-led NDA was back in power in Bihar with a slender majority.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi standing in front of three India flags with his palms raisedFile Photo/PTI
news Bihar Election Wednesday, November 11, 2020 - 09:48
Written by  PTI

Hours before the ruling NDA retained power in Bihar, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday assured the people of the state that the state government will work with full dedication for balanced development of everybody and every region. The PM also asserted that every section of society expressed its faith in the alliance's “mantra of with all, development for all, trust of all". As the counting ended In the wee hours of Wednesday, the Nitish Kumar-led NDA was back in power in the state with a slender majority. The ruling coalition clinched 125 seats in the 243-member state assembly, while the opposition Grand Alliance bagged 110 seats. 

Voters of Bihar have made it clear that their aspiration and priority are development alone, Modi said in a series of tweets, adding that the people's blessings for the NDA's good governance show what are the state's dreams and expectations.

Modi also said that democracy has again won in Bihar and it was amazing to see the dedication and the determination with which each member of the BJP and the NDA worked during the elections.

"I congratulate the workers and express my heartfelt gratitude to the people of Bihar," he said.

He said the youth of Bihar have affirmed that the new decade will belong to the state and "Aatmanirbhar Bihar" will be its roadmap.

"The youth of Bihar have shown their trust in their abilities and in the NDA's resolve. This youth's energy has motivated the NDA to work harder than before," he said.

The ruling alliance has drawn support from all sections of society, including the rural region, poor, farmers, workers and traders, he said.

Highlighting the higher polling share of women in the assembly elections, the prime minister said their record participation has shown how big a role they have in "aatmanirbhar Bihar".

The NDA is glad that it got a chance to infuse renewed self-confidence in the woman power, he said.

Bihar gave the world its first lessons in democracy, he said in a reference to the historical republic of Vaishali, and added that the state has again shown the world as to how to strengthen democracy.

"Bihar's poor, deprived and women have voted in record numbers and today have given their decisive verdict for development," Modi said.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah also complimented the people of Bihar on Tuesday for electing the NDA, saying the people of the state have chosen development over "hollow politics, casteism and appeasement".

In a series of tweets in Hindi, Shah also said that the victory of the NDA was the win of the "double engine" development of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

"Every section of Bihar has once again chosen the development of NDA by denying hollow politics, casteism and appeasement politics. I thank all the brothers and sisters of the state from the core of my heart for re-choosing development, progress and good governance. I especially thank the youth and women who formed the NDA government with an absolute majority by choosing security and a bright future in Bihar," he said.

The home minister said it was amazing to see the enthusiasm with which the people supported the policies of the prime minister and the NDA in the polls.

He said this not only reflected the faith reposed by the poor, labourers, farmers and youth in the successful fight carried out by the Modi government against coronavirus but also was a lesson for those who mislead the country.

"Today, I salute the public for the unprecedented support the BJP has received in the Bihar Assembly elections and bye-polls in various states of the country. I congratulate Prime Minister @narendramodi, BJP national president @jpnadda and all BJP workers for this victory," he said.