Police are investigating if the Electricity Department is at fault.

An 8-year-old girl from Hyderabad's Uppuguda got electrocuted after she came in contact with a low hanging high-tension wire while playing on the terrace of her house. The incident took place at around 12.30 pm on Sunday. The victim was identified as S Lakshmi studying in Class 3. Though she was rushed to Osmania General Hospital, she succumbed.

Speaking to TNM, Chatrinaka police Inspector Vidya Sagar Reddy said, “The house has just one floor and the main wire was just a few metres away. The victim and her younger sister were playing with some thread on their terrace. While playing she climbed the fence and leaned towards the main wire to grab the thread which got stuck on the wire.”

“Immediately she got electrocuted and was thrown on the building's floor due to the impact,” the Inspector added.

After hearing the younger sister's cries, her mother who was working in the kitchen rushed to the building and found her elder daughter lying on the floor.

The family immediately took Lakshmi to Osmania General Hospital. However, she succumbed within almost 30 minutes, while availing treatment.

Police have registered a case under the CRPC (code of criminal procedure) 174 (unnatural death).

“The wires are very close to these buildings. It is very dangerous. We have registered a case and are investigating if the Electricity Department is at fault,” the Inspector said.

The Inspector said, “We are examining how these wires were hanging so so low, endangering the residents, and if it is the fault of the Electricity Department or whether the house was constructed by encroaching additional space.”

Earlier in February, a 6-year-old kid from PBEL city, a gated community in Narsingi in the city's outskirts, died after playfully touching a lamp post near his house. Electricity was running through the lamp post. The kid died almost instantaneously.  The death occurred due to the negligence of the house keeping services, police said. A few days later, police arrested two mechanics who messed up with the wiring connections and caused the death.