One thing first: all the bookmakers we recommend are reputable and safe.

7 tips for choosing the best sports betting sites
Tuesday, September 28, 2021 - 12:03

If you are looking for a betting provider, you should take a look at our guide. We have examined and tested all sports betting sites. One thing first: all the bookmakers we recommend are reputable and safe. But what exactly should you look out for?

Determine the requirements

If you want to know which sports betting provider suits you best, you should first write down which features are most important to you on the sports betting site. Sometimes these are certain sports, good betting odds, tax exemption or a particularly good bonus. The more precisely these requirements are defined, the easier it is to find an appropriate betting provider.

Selection by betting provider experience

The experienced editors of Wettanbietererfahrungen have developed an extensive test system with which they examine the bookmakers more closely in ten criteria. We proceed very transparently, so that the individual test criteria are transparent for our readers. Our team consists of experienced sports bettors who work for us as editors. We also benefit from the experiences of real customers and take into account expert reviews on sites like

Check the background of the company

In addition to the existing licences of the companies, we also advise you to check the background of the company. The financial background is also important: Is the betting provider listed on the stock exchange, for example? Who is in management?

Read independent reviews

Before we recommend a betting provider in our test report, it is checked by our experts for the most important facts and data. Only if the betting provider is convincing in terms of seriousness, security and trustworthiness do we include it in our list of sports betting sites and begin the test procedure.

Don't just look at the overall rating

In the end, we add up the individual criteria to an overall score that determines the ranking. However, the provider that scored best here does not automatically have to be the perfect bookmaker for every player. Because every friend of sports betting has different priorities. What is good for one does not necessarily apply to all other players. That is why we have not only developed an overall test, but also offer guides and tests for individual preferences, such as the best betting providers with eSports or betting providers with Formula 1 offers.

Deposit bonus

Some bookmakers offer a special bonus for mobile deposits or mobile betting. We therefore recommend reading our guide, where we present the best betting providers and the best sports betting apps.

Read test reports regularly

There are always new sports betting providers entering the market and old hands throwing in the towel or suddenly no longer open to German customers. In addition, promotions change and the odds are also subject to ongoing changes. For this reason, we continuously update and expand our content on betting provider experiences, after all, among other things, technical progress in the betting business is very fast. For this reason, we always keep our pages up to date. It can happen that a betting provider is completely new on the market and can still beat the top dog in the first test. 

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