58 million tweets this election season, almost 12 million tweets mentioning Narendra Modi

Features Thursday, June 05, 2014 - 05:30
The News Minute| May 17, 2014| 10.06 pm IST Top leaders sharing their thoughts, blogs and comments... Social media armies of political parties unleashing themselves on Twitter.... media houses competing to make their hash tags trend... and just about everyone tweeting about Indian elections... This election was definitely a Twitter election. No wonder then that election season has seen a whopping 58 million tweets starting from the 1st of January. (related to elections). As Modi and BJP's historic victory was being pronounced through the day, Modi's personal Twitter profile also saw unprecedented activity. Narendra Modi added the highest number of followers in a single day since he started his account. He started the day at 3986878 followers and ended it at 4091739. It is now over 4.11 Million followers and growing. The official figures released by Twitter India shows that on counting day, May 16th, (till 11.59 pm), there were two million tweets about the election.And it is of no surprise here that the man set to become India's Prime Minister leads here too with 0.75 million tweets mentioning him on counting day. Narendra Modi has been mentioned 11.85 million times since January 1, 2014. On May 16, AAP came a distant second with 118,717 mentions on counting day, followed by the BJP with 322,596 mentions. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi whose party was near decimates was mentioned in 47,054 tweets, while Varanasi featured in 21,018 mentions. Twitter India Market Director Rishi Jaitly called this the first Twitter Election in India. "With all major political parties and candidates actively campaigning & connecting with voters on Twitter. Similar to the Obama campaign, everyone knew that this Lok Sabha election would also be influenced by social media, particularly with over 150 million first-time voters between the age of 18-23 years old who are social media savvy with mobile-centric lifestyles. Twitter's election strategy in India differed from other digital players - instead of bringing people to an election site, we brought the elections to the people," Jaitly said. Election also saw tie ups between major media houses and Twitter in a bid to engage the reader/viewer. " We formed mobile, TV and news partnerships to distribute elections-related Tweets on and off Twitter, so that every Indian voter can make an informed decision in real-time. That's why it felt like the entire elections was being played out on Twitter - everyone could see Tweets from the main parties, politicians and voters on their mobile devices, on their TV screens or in their daily news reports, or follow key political & media accounts via a missed call to consume their tweets as text message," Jaitly said.
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