news Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 05:30
If plans go according to schedule, all police stations across Tamil Nadu will soon get CCTV cameras. A plan explained by the Inspectoro General of Police to the Madras High Court, it was in response to a PIL which was seeking directions for the government to install CCTV cameras in all police stations, reported New Indian Express. When the government responded on March 9 saying that provisions for including cameras had been made in the 2012-13 budget and 251 stations were all already equipped with it, it was then that the court enquired about provisions in the following budget along with plans to install cameras in 1567 existing police stations in the state. Then the IG S Davidson responded in a counter affidavit stating that the remaining installations would be carried out in five years at the cost of Rs. 6.3 crore a year. According to reports, three good quality cameras would be installed , one covering the entrance, the reception and the lock up area