At 30 months, Siddaramaiah perceived to be 'good', but not so his cabinet

The survey measured opinions on governance, corruption and welfare schemes
At 30 months, Siddaramaiah perceived to be 'good', but not so his cabinet
At 30 months, Siddaramaiah perceived to be 'good', but not so his cabinet
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At the end of 30 months, the Siddaramaiah-led Congress government in the state has got mixed reviews, even though some of the government’s flagship programmes have been appreciated by the people of the state.

These are the overall findings of a survey jointly conducted by C4 and Asianet-owned Suvarna News 24x7 and its sister publication Kannada Prabha. Announcing the results on Tuesday, the group said that it had surveyed 3,124 people from across the state over 11 days.

The survey included a total of 27 questions and statements on the image of the chief minister, the cabinet ministers in terms of corruption, controlling communal elements, maintenance of law and order. They were also asked to rate the success or failures of the government, government schemes and rate the performance of ministers and the chief minister.

This is what the survey found:

Performance of ministers

To a question on whether the Siddaramaiah government was pro-people, 47 percent of respondents answered in the affirmative while 43 percent disagreed and 10 percent said they could not say.

While 25 percent said that Siddaramaiah was a poor chief minister, 29 percent felt that he was doing a good job. His cabinet however, did not fare so well. Thirty foru percent of people said that the government was poor while 26 percent it was doing a good job. Siddaramaiah was also rated as the best member of the cabinet followed by minister for health UT Khader.


Fifty-seven percent of people surveyed felt that the Anna Bhagya scheme was best of the numerous welfare schemes launched by the government, while the Ksheera Bhagya followed at a distant 22 percent. On whether the schemes of the government were reaching the people they were intended for, 42 percent said yes, but 44 answered in the negative.


Over half (55%) of respondents thought that the government was not free from corruption. Thirty-nine percent of respondents also felt that the state government had weakened the Lokayukta institution, 36 percent disagreed and a quarter of respondents said they could not say. Interestingly, 57 percent of people believed that social welfare minister H Anjaneya should resign on moral grounds over the alleged roles of his wife and him. Thirty-eight percent also believed that the government had been soft on Lokayukta N Bhaskar Rao and that 39 percent felt that Upalokayukta Subhash B Adi had been treated unfairly.

Half of all people thought that the government cared about rural areas and 31 percent said the government cared for the city and 19 percent said that the government gave equal attention to both.

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