28-year-old Chennai journalist Pradeep Kumar dies due to COVID-19 complications

The reporter had tested positive for coronavirus, along with his 61-year-old mother on May 10.
Pradeep kumar
Pradeep kumar
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Chennai journalist Pradeep Kumar, a film reporter with The Hindu MetroPlus, passed away on May 23 due to COVID-19 related complications. The 28-year-old reporter had tested positive for the coronavirus, along with his 61-year-old mother on May 10.

Even while being treated at a COVID-19 Care Centre in Chennai, Pradeep did what he did best and reported the poor condition in which the centre was being maintained. In an interview with TNM, Pradeep shared his ordeal of spending time at the COVID Care Centre with dirty bathrooms, its poor facilities and unhygienic food.

Following Pradeep’s social media post, Meghanath Reddy, Deputy Commissioner of the Chennai Corporation, took action to rectify the issue at the centre and later shared pictures of the cleaned centre. Pradeep, however, left the centre two days later, fearing for the safety of his and his mother’s health. Pradeep had highlighted the need for good COVID care and treatment in the state and noted, “The essence of COVID-19 care and recovery is to at least provide the patient with a hospitable and hygienic environment. We see pictures of COVID care centres in Kerala. We are not expecting those standards, but at least don't make patients regret every second of their recovery.”

In an obituary shared by Hindu’s MetroPlus team, they remembered Pradeep as a writer whose writing was “fresh, thoughtful and sensitive.” “Every time he came up with an interesting one, everyone in the department could tell because his eyes would come alive as he swivelled energetically in his chair to discuss it. He shared a warm relationship with fellow journalists as well as the people he interviewed,” they wrote.

Pradeep who had previously worked with The New Indian Express covering news, was also an avid biker.

Several other journalists and friends of Pradeep too shared their disbelief over his sudden demise and shared some of their memories of him.

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