21-yr-old woman allegedly raped at CPI(M) office, police and party deny

A newborn child was found abandoned on March 16 near Cherpulassery in Palakkad; the child’s mother was booked, when she told the police she was raped.
21-yr-old woman allegedly raped at CPI(M) office, police and party deny
21-yr-old woman allegedly raped at CPI(M) office, police and party deny
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A newborn baby was found abandoned at Mannur near Cherpulassery in Palakkad, and during the investigation into the case, the child’s mother said she was raped.

The child was found abandoned on March 16. The police on investigation found that the child was abandoned by a 21-year-old woman who was living near Cherpulassery. The woman and the child were admitted to a hospital, where she told the doctors that she was raped by a student activist at the CPI(M) Branch Committee office at Cherpulassery. She reportedly said she was raped while visiting the office to collect funds for a student magazine.

The police and the CPI(M) have however denied she was raped at the party office. According to the police, the woman was raped by a man who ran a mechanic shop near the CPI(M) office, and was not a CPI(M) activist. 

The child was found abandoned in the backyard of a man named Hariprasad. Local residents informed Childline about the incident, and Childline workers then shifted the baby, who was in a critical condition, to District Hospital, Palakkad.

“Later the woman was also admitted to the hospital as it was only days after the delivery. She told the psychiatrist at the hospital that she was raped. Following this, we took her statement, in which she said she was raped at the CPI(M) area committee office at Cheruppulassery,” Palakkad SP, Sabu PS said.

“But in the investigation we found that there are certain disparities in the statement,” he added, “The person whom she accused is a two-wheeler workshop owner. The workshop is near the party office. So whenever she used to meet him, she would tell her mother she was going to the party office. The assault did not happen at the party office but at a rented house where her family lived.”

“The accused is not related to the CPI(M). Also, further investigations need to be done to confirm he is the father of the child,” the officer said.

“A case has been registered against the woman for abandoning the child,” he added.

CPI(M) Cherupulassery Area Secretary KB Subash said that the accused has no connection with the party, reports Asianet News.

"The party office is a place where scores of people would come and go round the clock. It is unbelievable that the rape happened here. The party will cooperate with any kind of investigation," he said.

Palakkad MP MB Rajesh, who is the CPI(M) candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls, said such allegations against the party are usual during elections.

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