Natarajan prides himself on being a key person in her ascension to power, and in helping her figure out the nitty-gritties of governance.

In 2014 interview Natarajan said Jayalalithaa would have sent Sasikala out if not for DA caseImage: NDTV
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M Natarajan, Sasikala‚Äôs husband who claims to have been a key character in the dramatic political success of Jayalalithaa in her early days in the AIADMK, said in an interview in 2014 that if it was not for the DA case, Jayalalithaa would have shunted Sasikala out of her Poes Garden residence. 

In an interview to Sreenivasan Jain ahead of the 2014 general elections, when asked why Sasikala was still in Poes Garden, he said, "No nothing except the disproportionate income case. If it was not for it, Jaya herself would sent Sasikala out. Because it is her nature. "

Natarajan also claimed that Sasikala had promised few family members that she would return to their fold once the case was over.

Natarajan's revelations in 2014, assumes significance at a time when the state is viewing the return of the whole Mannargudi clan. (Sasikala’s family is referred to as Mannargudi clan or mafia in Tamil Nadu).

On December 6, the day after Jayalalithaa was declared dead, M Natarajan seems to have played a key role in her funeral arrangements. Natarajan was known not to be in the good books of Jayalalithaa, who in 2012 also sent Sasikala packing from her Poes Garden residence for keeping in touch with her family members, who she believed were working against her.

Natarajan, however, told NDTV that it was he who broke contact with Jayalalithaa, and not the other way around.

In the interview, Natarajan who had once worked as a government PRO made claims that in 1991 even the Chief Secretary and Home Secretary were appointed after consultations with him. Natarajan said that during her first term as the CM, Jayalalithaa had no option but to listen to him, since she was new to the government.

Natarajan prides himself as being a key person in her ascension to power, and in figuring out the nitty-gritties of governance.

Having had a fallout with her, AIADMK cadre are now surprised and shocked over his return to the top echelons of AIADMK. 

Here is an excerpt,

NDTV:  If all of you were helping her so much - politically, financially and otherwise - then why did she break all contact with you? 

Natarajan: It's not that she broke contact. I broke and came out.

NDTV: Why?

Natarajan: See, she has her own way of functioning in which I didn't want to interrupt in between.

NDTV: What was that?

Natarajan: She feels after winning the election, nobody should claim that she won because of A,  B or C ... There are two aspects to this. One is that if Natarajan and family are liquidated out of that area (Jayalalithaa's house), only then can DMK recapture that area. That is their primary agenda. To suit that idea, the officers at the helm of affairs who served under him.

You can read the full interview here, and watch the episode it aired in here

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