17-yr-old kills 5-yr-old in Hyderabad after child gets hurt while shooting video

The teenager allegedly dumped the body in the city outskirts beyond ORR on October 15.
Police found CCTV footage of the accused teenager carrying the bag with the dead body of the 5 year old.
Police found CCTV footage of the accused teenager carrying the bag with the dead body of the 5 year old.
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In a tragic incident, a 17-year-old boy in Hyderabad allegedly killed a five-year-old child when attempts to shoot a video went wrong. The teenager, a native of Bihar residing in Shameerpet of Hyderabad, was trying to make videos for the digital platform Sharechat.

Police say that the teenager, who worked in a restaurant, used to shoot many videos with the boy. However, on October 15, the five-year-old, Adhiyan, fell down while shooting the video. The child was reportedly injured and began crying. The 17-year-old panicked, fearing repercussions from the child’s parents and allegedly strangled him to death. The five-year-old was last seen by his mother who said that the child had told her that he was going out to play. When the boy did not return, the worried father, Syed Yousuf, filed a missing person complaint with the Shameerpet police at 7.30 pm.

The family also put up posters of the missing child and gave the number of the house-owner, Chand Pasha, in pamphlets. On October 23, the building owner received a call from an unknown number demanding Rs 15 lakh as ransom. The call details were duly passed on to the police and this helped them nab the teenager. Investigation revealed that after the boy had died, the teenager reportedly packed the body in a bag, took an auto rickshaw towards ORR and returned home after dumping the body in the city outskirts.

Police have since recovered the body of the child. CCTV footage recovered from October 15 allegedly shows the 17-year-old moving around with the bag containing the dead body, reported Times of India. The call for ransom was made to extort money from the parents and make an escape to Bihar, say police.

The teenager started making videos for apps for fame among friends, and the videos with the child helped the 17-year-old garner more views. The 17-year-old has been charged with murder and will be produced before the Juvenile Justice Board, reported The New Indian Express.

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