Bharat used a wet stick to reach the fruit and touched a live wire passing through the tree.
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A 13-year-old boy was electrocuted to death in Jeevan Bhima Nagar in Bengaluru on Sunday while trying to pluck mangoes from a tree.

Bharat, who was enjoying his summer holidays with friends, spotted a mango on a tree and climbed it. However, he did not notice a live electric wire passing through the tree. He was electrocuted when he used a wet stick to reach the fruit.

“An 11 KV line of Bescom is covered by the tree. The boy was probably not aware of the live wire passing through the tree. He touched the wire with a stick and got electrocuted,” a senior police officer at JB Nagar police told Deccan Herald.

Bharat was rushed to the hospital by G Vinod who witnessed the incident. He was declared brought dead by hospital authorities. "I managed to lay my hands on a wooden stick lying nearby, rushed towards the transformer and hit its fuse with force. The power supply was disconnected but the damage had already been done. Bharat hung limply on the tree. He was unconscious or perhaps dead," said G Vinod, speaking to Times of India.

His parents Aiyappa and Maralamma, a couple from Andhra Pradesh, shifted to Bengaluru four years ago to work as daily-wage labourers.

The incident comes less than two months after a 7-year-old boy was electrocuted after he stepped on a live wire in a park in the city.

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Experts say say live wires should never be touched and that insulating yourself is important to avoid electrocution. It is also advised to keep wires away from a child's reach and provide adult supervision whenever children are in an area of a potential electrical hazard.
In case a person touches a live wire, it is advised to immediately disconnect the power before dealing with the injured person. Do not move them with bare hands but use insulated material like rubber or wood to touch the person and after they are safely removed from the source of current, it is better to not move them much as they might have suffered spinal injuries. If the person is not breathing,  administer CPR immediately and call for help to take the person to the nearest hospital.