Use of lathis is strictly prohibited during enforcement of lockdown, except in case of self defence, the Director General of Police said.

Chennai Police talking to passengers inside a carImage for Representation
news Lockdown Monday, May 10, 2021 - 10:48

On May 10, Monday, Tamil Nadu entered the first day of its 14-day lockdown. To make sure lockdown norms are strictly adhered to in the state capital of Chennai, a total of 10,000 police personnel have been deployed for bandobast duty. Director General of Police (DGP) JK Tripathy also instructed police personnel to not use force on people at any cost.

“Using of lathi by any rank is strictly prohibited during enforcement of lockdown, except in case of self defence,” a press communication issued in this regard notes. The police will also use drones to effectively monitor long open stretches such as beaches in the city.

The note also instructs traffic and local police to avoid physical contact with the individuals violating traffic. “The photographs of the violated vehicle are to be taken as a document to register a case and also the vehicle secured is to be released as early as possible,” it notes.

According to the press note issued, vehicle checks are being conducted in about 318 places across the city — at 200 places by the Law and Order team and 118 places by Traffic Police personnel teams. About 360 patrol vehicles have been deployed to cover the entire city during the period of lockdown.

However, vehicle check points should also ensure that transportation of essential commodities are not delayed at any cost and that movement of oxygen cylinders is facilitated by both traffic and local police personnel on a priority basis.

Over 35 flyovers have been closed for vehicular traffic across the city and police personnel have been stationed at Amma Unnavagam, fair price shops and other places where crowding can be expected like Koyambedu market and Kasimedu market area.

Legal action would be taken against individuals for not wearing face masks, non maintenance of physical distance and for plying vehicles unwarrantedly.