10-year-old girl in Andhra escapes from kidnapper after raising cries

Police have accessed the CCTV footage to identify the kidnapper.
The girl narrating the incident to a police officer
The girl narrating the incident to a police officer
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A 10-year-old girl was abducted by an unidentified motorist on Saturday in Krishna district’s Machilipatnam. However, as the girl made cries for help, the panicked kidnapper dropped her and fled from the spot. The incident took place in Sukarlabaadu around 7.30 pm. According to reports, when the victim was playing at her home, the accused had asked her to help him with an address and took her on his bike.

“When he asked if I knew the address of a garland shopkeeper, I said, yes. Then he asked me to show the house and took me on his motorcycle,” the girl narrated to the media. She said that the kidnapper did not stop the vehicle even after reaching the destination. According to the girl’s father, the accused had allegedly sprayed some chemical on her face which made her partially unconscious. “When she woke up, she cried for help asking him to stop the vehicle. He then beat her and threatened her, but she kept crying for help so he dropped her and fled,” the father said.

Police said that the girl was dropped off at Edepalli, approximately 1 km away from her home.  The victim then came home crying and narrated the incident, following which the family approached the police.

After receiving the complaint, police have collected CCTV footage from the spot. While the accused can be seen on a white-colour Activa scooter, police have not been able to identify the vehicle number or get a visible photo of the accused yet.

Speaking to the media, Circle Inspector Anna Babu said, “We are examining if the kidnapper was a known person or a stranger. The girl has given details of the vehicle and the accused’s T-shirt colour, but in the footage which we accessed so far, the vehicle’s number is not visible.”


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