Ahead of UN meeting on TB, here is why India’s response to the disease is crucial

With a quarter of the world’s TB burden, India’s role in the global TB response cannot be overstated.

Yes, AI may take some jobs – but it could also mean more men doing care work

As robots and AI “take our jobs”, the care work that underpins all workplaces – and homes, and schools, and communities – ought to come to the fore.

ISRO spy case: Why the judgement in favour of Nambi Narayanan is a significant moment

Among other things, the judgement also recognised the mental torture suffered by hundreds of innocent people unjustly put through the drill of the justice system.

Thicker than blood: Queer kinship and choosing your own families

What is it that makes me queer, I often wonder. Is it how I live gender, and how I live in my body? What matters to me? What makes my world queer?

Respecting the environment crucial to rebuilding a safe Kodagu

These are signs of acknowledging that anthropogenic activities should be reduced in regions such as Kodagu.

England defeat: India lost a Test series they should have won

The only aspect of the game in which the Indians looked better than England is in their slip-catching.

Indian women confined to the home, in cities designed for men

According to India’s 2011 census, only 17% of all people commuting to work in urban areas are women.

Kerala shows the risk of severe floods is still evolving

The crisis is a timely reminder that climate change is expected to increase the frequency and magnitude of severe flooding across the world.

How Bengaluru became the go-to destination to study public policy in India

Much like the IT revolution, Bengaluru was quick to recognise the shift from public administration to policy and acted on it.

Climate models predict the world will be ‘anomalously warm’ until 2022

The PROCAST method does not only predict one given value, but a probability.

It's ok if you don't want to help Kerala, but don't spread hate

Lakhs of people have been displaced, hundreds have died, and the road to recovery is long. Kerala needs empathy and funds, not ridiculous and regressive comments.

When politics made veteran statesman Atal Bihari Vajpayee cry

In 1998, BJP emerged as the single largest party in the Centre, but AIADMK pulled out in the last minute, causing the government to collapse.

It’s time to break free: Theatre-based workshops for kids

TNM talks to TheatreNisha’s Balakrishnan, who has provided theatre training to over 1,000 kids from underprivileged and marginal backgrounds.

Lessons from bye-polls and Assembly elections in the run-up to 2019

In his new book, ‘Newsman’, veteran journalist Rajdeep Sardesai discusses politics and the upcoming General elections.

B’luru allotted Rs 667 cr for women’s safety: Why the city needs a comprehensive plan

While intentions are commendable, the rush towards surveillance and mobile apps ignores that most basic of safety issues women face.

A celestial treat: Everything you need to know about the Perseids meteor shower

As the meteor shower peaks, we bring you a primer on the celestial fireworks.

How the Chennai-Salem Expressway was conceived and approved in a hurry

Governments can be appreciated for moving swiftly, but can that be at the cost of due process?

Will the Dravidian movement be diluted with Karunanidhi's death?

The question is whether Stalin has the capability to fill Karunanidhi's shoes to keep the DMK afloat.

We cannot erase hegemony of English, so why can’t our kids learn it in govt schools?

As a government college professor, I have seen generations of bright learners lose out on opportunities only because of their linguistic weaknesses.

My history with football is a tale of love, loss and longing

From playing in school to living in a sports hostel for two years, the author details his special relationship with the game.

How everyday devices make you vulnerable to cyber attack and what you can do

Deliberate practice and thoughtful approaches to security can increase the protection of your business or workplace.