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Modi's dyslexia 'joke': Politicians treating disability as a laughing matter must stop

Such was the Prime Minister’s eagerness to make a quip about his political rivals, that it eclipsed the idea that the student was putting forth to help dyslexic persons.

How ‘influencers’ who claim to be LGBTQI+ allies harm people with unscientific claims

The discourse in the queer movement has moved from acceptance to demanding our constitutional rights. And influencers must amplify and enable marginalised voices using their visibility.

What workplace sexual harassment panels must keep in mind when investigating complaints

Committee members should conduct their investigations by following socio-legal parameters that will enable them to be effective redressal mechanisms.

Mapping Tulu: A rich oral tradition with deep roots in Karnataka

Tulu is a southern Dravidian language that's spoken by 1.85 million people in Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kerala's Kasargod district.

'Managing employee performance': Why it’s time for companies to rethink

An evolved, trusting, empathetic performance management system can make a big difference.

Why do we need Governors? A DMK member writes on Banwarilal Purohit, Kiran Bedi

Governors in India – including Banwarilal Purohit and Kiran Bedi – continue to assign themselves with imaginary powers and act unconstitutionally.

Karnataka temple prasadam poisoning: The need for emergency readiness mechanisms

Unless lessons are learnt and the system gears up, these kinds of incidents are likely to recur and more lives will be unnecessarily lost.

A feud that began in 19th century: What happened before Jacobite-Orthodox locked horns

What started as a disagreement between a few higher-ups in the Church hierarchy has snowballed over the years into a major religious issue in Kerala.

Self goal by Jagan, U-turns by CBN: Advantage Pawan Kalyan in Andhra?

The politics of Andhra Pradesh are in for a wild ride and Pawan Kalyan may well turn out to be the surprise package in this three way contest.

Will Lakshadweep islands survive climate change?

Rapid erosion, turbulent seas and rising ocean temperatures brought on by climate change pose serious threats to the coral atolls of Lakshadweep.

Woman Qazi conducts marriage: A victory in women reclaiming spaces taken up by men

Although in Islam there is nothing that stops a woman from solemnising a nikah, the practice has been mostly limited to the male domain for centuries.

Why Anantkumar Hegde must be held accountable for misogyny, Islamophobia

Anantkumar Hedge made a distasteful tweet about Dinesh Gundu Rao's wife, but he's hardly alone in this display of Islamophobia and misogyny.

Dear Subramanian Swamy, your words on Priyanka Gandhi and mental illness are toxic

The BJP MP lashed out at the Congress’ party’s decision to appoint Priyanka Gandhi as the general secretary for UP (East) by claiming that “she has bipolar disorder and beats up people.”

Stop the whataboutery, give women their due in politics

Let's face it. What we have now is a Man-liament, not a Parliament.

Seven charts that show the world is actually becoming a better place

While it is true that globalisation has put some downward pressure on middle-class wages, it has also helped lift millions of people above the global poverty line.

Data breaches are inevitable – here's how to protect yourself anyway

Think defensively about how you can protect yourself from an almost inevitable attack, rather than assuming you’ll avoid harm.

Why farm loan waivers may be helpful to farmers in the short term

Farm loan waiver, although criticised by economists, is the only subsidy that directly reaches the hands of distressed farmers.

Confessions of a Karnataka voter: Don’t blame us for the MLAs we never voted for

We cast our votes for caste, religion, money and muscle power. We voted for the party symbol and not the person who is seeking our vote to represent us, writes Srinivas Alavilli.

The price Karnataka pays for a resort government

While you the viewer-reader are being subjected to non-stop resort nonsense, here’s a look at what the rest of Karnataka is looking like.

In Kochi, a need for public action to combat rampant waste build-up

The city is the victim of unscrupulous waste dumping, and it is time for each one of us to take responsibility for the waste we generate.

Caste, patriarchy and the surrogacy market in India

Feminists’ argument for promoting commercial surrogacy has limited value, keeping in mind the social reality of Dalits in our society. It doesn’t deconstruct the foundations of caste, class and gender.