In depth reportage

Meet Kunjappan, the former Naxalite spending his life to save the Periyar from dying

Even before scientific evidence supported it, Kunjappan kicked off his fight based on what he saw and felt happening to his beloved river.

Sacred groves of Kerala: Backed by divinity, but not legality

Somewhere in the God’s own country there are people who are convinced of the need to protect God’s own heritage.

Sacred groves of Kodagu: How faith is helping conserve Karnataka's protected forests

The network of sacred groves have an important ecological function - preserving the flow of water in the Kaveri river, and conserving the ecosystem services on the plateau.

Protecting forests with law: What Tamil Nadu can learn from Kerala’s Kadar tribe

The Kadar tribe of Kerala claimed and utilized FRA provisions to acquire control of 400 sq kms of forest area. In the process, they also managed to stall a destructive dam from being built.

TNM Exclusive: TN's prohibition plan a complete farce, Tasmac liquor sales have gone up

TASMAC outlets that were earlier making Rs.2 lakh a month, now make Rs.10 lakh after closure of 1000 shops.

How a conflict between different ideas of conservation is hurting the adivasis of Tamil Nadu

Is the forest and wildlife protected better with its people co-existing inside, or do they have to be evicted?

Tamil Nadu govt turns a blind eye to Forest Rights Act, but the law is empowering forest-dwellers

While the FRA is not implemented at all across Tamil Nadu, the fact that the law exists seems to offer solace to the adivasis and other forest dwellers.

There's a new tool to drag poor men into India's murky drug trials, WhatsApp: TNM Investigation

The test subjects are usually poor men, and touts teach them how to ‘score well’ to get into trials.

Whose forest is it anyway? Tamil Nadu’s disastrous disregard for the Forest Rights Act

Over a decade since the Forest Rights Act was passed, the total progress made in Tamil Nadu equals to exactly zero.

Saving the sholas: To overcome drought, Nilgiris’ forest communities return to traditional wisdom

The Nilgiris shola forests are key to south India’s water needs, but can we save them?