Will rape end if we all learn karate? The simplistic politics of Taapsee Pannu's 'Hit Back' video

Can we end caste violence or race violence through self-defence? Would the solution to either be learning kung fu?

As Kerala marches forward, LGBTQ community in Tamil Nadu can only envy the progress next door

In Kerala, unlike my state Tamil Nadu, the political class seems committed to bringing in change.

In the age of ‘breaking news’: Mangalam’s sordid history and murky journalism

Mangalam was one of dailies which unquestioningly accepted material handed out by shadowy police and political sources.

Remembering Ahmed Kathrada, the Indian South African whom Mandela called his ‘Mirror’

Back home in India, Ahmed Kathrada (1929-2017), a Liberation Struggle veteran who spent 26 years in prison with his great friend Nelson Mandela, is relatively unknown.

Nat Geo’s ‘Inside Tirumala Tirupati’ misses quite a few details, a viewer writes

The repeated visuals do not do justice to the channel's reputation, and the extensive focus on the kitchens took up too much time.

Students of this school are trying to regenerate sholas and grasslands of Nilgiris. Here's why

Unlike us, today’s students at the Lawrence School, Lovedale will graduate with an understanding of what the shola-grassland ecosystem is.

Great Indian moral police who don’t get called out - the media who ‘expose’ consensual sex

A recently launched Malayalam channel started their broadcast with an ‘inappropriate’ tape - and no one knows how they got it.

Explainer: Why the Centre's big solar push could run into a land acquisition hurdle

The government's latest move would mean acquisition of at least 80,000 acres of land -- thrice Jaipur's area.

“We are not cancer. We are chemotherapy to your Jihadi cells": A Kashmiri Pandit speaks

We paid a price in Kashmir for two reasons: for holding the national flag and for not losing sight of our Dharma.

Stop calling Dalits ‘Harijan’: SC calls the term abusive, as we remain ignorant and insensitive

In a ruling, the apex court reiterated what Dalits have been saying for a long time.

India's drive for a cashless economy puts millions at risk of cybercrime

Encouraging cashless transactions is a worthy goal to follow for any government, but at what price?

Watch: Put Chutney takes a dig at 'Remo' and other Tamil films in video on workplace harassment

Be it a classy or a massy director, these problematic depictions of women, love, and romance are a Tamil cinema staple.

Elections are also about consolidation of sentiment. Is it the new trend?

Numbers do not feel.

The world needs more toilets, but not ones that flush

The invention of the flush toilet was probably one of the most unsustainable innovations in human history.

‘What’s one ‘unmanly’ thing you do?’ A Twitter thread shows the pressure Indian men face

This Twitter thread reveals just how many men struggle to live up to unwritten rules about what men should and shouldn’t do and like.

'I want a helicopter at my wedding': The latest 'Neeya Naana' show on dowry shouldn't shock you

The subject of the show was how young women demand dowry from their parents at the time of marriage.

How obesity causes cancer, and may make screening and treatment harder

Obesity is linked with a host of health outcomes. A disease itself, the link between obesity and cancer is often overlooked.

The $205 million industry that helped murder ‪Srinivas Kuchibhotla

The solution is not to make Americans realise we're "good people", nor is it to spread hate.

Respect your daughter: An 11-point guide for families of divorced women

Familial influence can go a long way in healing or harming your daughter’s future.

Who’s the boss? Don’t put your kids on a pedestal, but don’t try to lord over them either

The answer to spoiled children isn’t military parenting, it’s teaching responsible decision-making.

Costly bras, tiny pockets: 5 things about women's clothing that we don't understand

Women's clothing have so much variety! Awesome. But why is it so impractical?