Expelled for a hug: Teenagers are not robots, schools should get real

Exploring one's sexuality is a vital part of growing up and dictating that teens should only think about algebra all day long is foolish and impractical.

Zaira Wasim molestation: Are you still wondering why survivors don’t speak up?

The trolls who are after Zaira Wasim have either completely missed, or deliberately forgotten, that the person they’re vilifying is a minor.

Why eating seafood responsibly is not a solution to the fisheries crisis

Fisheries regulation is, more often than not, motivated by political objectives instead of biological concerns, and has, therefore, not borne much fruit.

Taslima Nasreen’s fashionable outrage and perennial victimhood give her away

She speaks about Padmavati and Kalburgi, gau-rakshaks, love jihad because they are easy headline materials, but not about Sankar or Jisha.

Making Telugu compulsory: Mother tongues, the last stronghold against Hindi imposition

By making Telugu obligatory in schools, Telangana has given the language the place it deserves in the Telugu homeland.

Ravi Belagere arrest: It’s not ALWAYS an assault on freedom of press

The Ravi Belagere supari case might be an instance of priorities gone wrong, and we must give room for that possibility.

Delhi's toxic air crisis demands a radical response

While we cannot control nature and the weather, we can do something about the sources of particulate matter.

Pregnant and living in an ash dump, how 21-yr-old Jyothi holds a mirror to our lives

Seeing Jyothi’s life brought home to me how different life is on the margins, away from the privilege I enjoy.

To revive Congress, Rahul will have to bring back the Mahatma into national discourse

Apart from reinventing himself, Rahul needs to reinvent the Congress as well if the party has to stand any chance of making a comeback in 2024, if not 2019.

Are you a proud ‘Grammar Nazi’? Here’s why you should stop, right now

The pride in diversity stays intact only till you put an ‘educated’, ‘well spoken’ Indian in an unfamiliar city where not every cab driver speaks English.