Rupee Rani: Chit funds no longer make sense for women, start a Recurring Deposit instead

Recurring Deposits are risk-free and offer excellent returns in the short term.

Ajith and Vijay fans may be divided but it matters the stars are united in condemning abuse

Big stars who act as demigods can no longer plead ignorance when their devotees go out of line.

If not CM, CEO: Why OPS could be the ideal candidate for the big Infosys job

Party animal or sleeper cell?

We elect governments to serve us, they have no business usurping our voice

This is not the way to build the world’s largest democracy.

SC decision upholding NGT order comes as big boost to Bellandur Lake preservation

The NGT decision prohibits the release of domestic and industrial effluents into Bellandur Lake.

Rupee Rani: Insurance is a safety net that women need to pay attention to

Insurance provides a cushion when you are faced with emergencies.

A memo to Google – firing employees with conservative views is anti-diversity

Google has fired the author of a controversial diversity memo. It would have been better to create more forums for discussion.

In India, a legislative reform is needed to push corporate social responsibility

India’s legal provisions contain vague language and permit a high degree of self-interpretation that undermines legislative intent.

An open letter to Smriti Irani, requesting action against ‘Pehredaar Piya Ki’

It is absolutely abhorrent that a channel should promote something that is violative of the dignity of children and is against the laws of this country.

First apathy, then farce: Why the Parliamentary report on trans persons’ rights is a big joke

My first reaction on reading the report was gagging, followed by laughter, frustration and sadness – in that order.