Pro-humanity, not anti-science: Why protest against Neutrino project in TN is also scientific

There are some pertinent questions that surround the Neutrino project.

French Elections: Macron or Le Pen – who will bring stability, peace and growth?

The jury is partially in.

How many times must we excuse M M Mani’s sexist, crude remarks?

It is for the government to decide if it should allow a sexist minister to continue in power

TOI’s matrimonial ads to put education before looks, but it’s only a very small start

While it all appears well and progressive at face value, there are many problems with it.

Teen arrested for ‘impregnating’ neighbour: We must remember that kids have sexuality too

Often, when parents find out about consensual sex between minors, the boy ends up with a ‘rape’ case.

Calling MM Mani ‘crazy’ to hit out at his ‘mental asylum’ statement makes us no better than him

We as a society have no qualms about making jokes on Oolampara - or NIMHANS or Kilpauk or Agra.

VVIP culture: From Kamaraj to Shastri, stories of real austerity from the past

Gandhian leaders of post-independent India can teach a few lessons to our entitled VIPs

Ahead of polls, the French are voting in fear for peace

France, a former colonial power, has been at the receiving end of some of the deadliest attacks on civilians in Europe.

Sathyaraj's forced ‘apology’, the latest in the long line of arm twisting big banner movies

Big budget flicks are sitting ducks for political outfits to get their five minutes of infamy and much more.

How studying under the Samacheer Kalvi system left me at a disadvantage in a national law school

The Samacheer Kalvi system stresses on rote learning and memory recall of subject material, ensuring that a student never engages deeply with their subjects.

Hey Miss India folks, what's with the bias against 'bad' character and mental illness?

Basically, you want someone young and virginal, with no baggage, no attachments and a "perfect" body and face and "character" to go with it.

Bengaluru needs a govt that respects the law, not one that is complicit in violating it

Is the CM part and parcel of this conspiracy to help builders exploit and destroy our city?

Hype of the ‘mad genius’: Pop culture romanticism of mental health and contemporary art

It’s not the mental disorder itself, but the fight against it.

Don't go hating Snapchat CEO, we Indians treat our poor with contempt too

We’re eager for a positive narrative about India, but we have to take responsibility for the state of the poor in the country.

Pinarayi Vijayan’s contempt for Jishnu’s family goes against the will of the people of Kerala

The action against Mahija hurts the collective conscience of Keralites.

Indian Express never rode smooth: Paes-Bhupathi have a long history of hating each other

Their spat is a reflection of the poor management of the country’s tennis establishment.

The sale of democracy: Why aren’t we questioning the RK Nagar voter for taking cash for vote?

For just Rs 4000, they were ready to leave their conscience at home as they set out to the polling booths.

Dear Vishal, the public reads reviews to save their money, not the filmmaker's

Vishal said reviewers should do reviews only three days after a film's release, producers' council to discuss regulation

Tarun Vijay's comment offends us, but let's take a moment to look at our own colour prejudice

Tamil Nadu is a state where a white British woman, Amy Jackson, is cast to play a Tamil woman only because of her skin colour.

Liquor ban, abattoir crackdown serious threats to job market

According to Niti Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant, at least one million jobs will be lost due to the liquor ban near highways.

Attacks on people from Africa and the North East: It’s time India had a law against racism

Racism is missing from our legal framework, and that needs to change.