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Children prefer to read books on paper rather than screens

Research shows that reading books is a more effective way to both improve and retain literacy skills.

Maths: why many great discoveries would be impossible without it

Maths is often criticised by the public for lacking in “real-world” applications, but it is being applied to many real-world problems.

Despite differences in culture, US and India fall short in childbirth in similar ways

The reasons we fall short are not obvious.

Here today, gone tomorrow: Hair colour has Indian millennials in its grip

Gone are the days of cheap hair dye, hair colour is now a form of self expression.

Mortality is a necessary condition for regeneration: Artist Sudarshan Shetty

Sudarshan was the curator for this year's Kochi-Muziris Biennale.

'Francis, the Pop Pope', makes it to the cover of Rolling Stone's Italian edition

"The Pope says sensible things, such sensible things," the magazine said in an editorial.

A fluffy slice of heaven: The quaint story of Kerala's Ramassery idlis

These idlis from Palakkad are famous for their distinct taste.

From tradition to marking the rebel, the nose ring has come full circle for urban Indian women

Nose piercings used to stand for domesticity but that is no longer the case in urban India.

Once all-male, now women Kuchipudi dancers outnumber men

Initially, it was only men who performed, while Vedanta Lakshmi Narayana Sastri in the early 1900s introduced it among women

Prince Charming, dwarves and dragons: Have our fairy tales become passé?

Are we feeding our children clichés and stereotypes through our traditional bedtime stories?

Tough immigration laws are hitting Britain’s curry houses hard

It’s now feared that up to a third of all Indian restaurants in the UK could disappear because of tougher immigration laws.

A poem about the sixth Dalai Lama's unrequited love

The sixth Dalai Lama fell in love with a girl from Lithang, but the Tibetan government wouldn't have him marry her.

Meera's writing is magic that makes everyday stories into extraordinary ones

More than yellow: KR Meera's palette of colourful stories.

How a Bengaluru girl's passion for stand up comedy led to Delhi’s women only comic room

“There have always been funny women, but only a handful made it to the mainstream.”

With love from God's own country: Indulge your sweet tooth with these Kerala desserts

From Ada Pradhaman to Kozhikode halwa, Kerala has a delectable variety of traditional desserts.

Attention South Indians: Exchanging rice for rotis may not make you healthier

The perception that whole wheat is healthy is a myth, say some doctors.

Not just idli-dosa: 10 South Indian breakfast options for those craving variety

These traditional breakfast foods are healthy and tasty, too.

You are living inside a massive, musical instrument – and here's what it sounds like

We are indeed living inside a massive, magnetic musical instrument.

From weight loss to preventing diabetes, is the raw food diet the answer you're looking for?

One of the biggest myths is that a raw food diet does not provide sufficient nutrients for the body.

Dance, yoga, photography: Three women come together for a second innings to find their passion

Soumi, Tanya, and Shailaja decided to make time for themselves and discovered what they really loved.

A dress that suits every body type: Why North India's anarkali is a rage in the South

The ability to morph into multiple avatars has also been a crucial reason for the anarkali standing the test of time.