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Facebook is fighting social media identity theft in India, but it's a global problem

In Australia, the government estimates the annual cost of identity crime to be A$2.2 billion.

Health Check: In terms of exercise, is walking enough?

Walking is free, easy and can get you from A to B - but does it “count” in terms of how much exercise we need?

Rasam rocks: The spicy, tangy south Indian dish is the ultimate comfort food you need

From neem to horsegram, there are many varieties of rasam - all of them yummy!

Turning passion into a career: India's women geologists are carving their own success stories

Now standing tall at 40% of total workforce at India's premier geological survey body, they do not hesitate to get their hands dirty.

Best way for India's sex trafficking victims to get justice? Study law

"The brothel madam and my trafficker have remained free all these years... I want traffickers to fear law, and me."

A haunted village, a horrid curse: A graphic novel set in rural TN for those seeking a scare

"Sins of the past, horrors of the future."

I interviewed convicted rapists in New Delhi – and then found one of their young victims

A personal account by a researcher investigating the root cause of sexual violence against women in India.

Sameera wants to return: In 6 audio clips, the story of an Indian worker trapped in Abu Dhabi

Attempt to rescue Sameera and others has failed, and now it’s up to the Indian Embassy to take action.

Home is where the 'murukku' is: How Chennai shops Sri Krishna and Grand Sweets pack for the NRI

From thokku to sharbat, your craving for home food comes neatly packaged and ready to be loaded in your check-in baggage.

Tracing the journey of the 'Baahubali' waterfall: From suicide point to film favourite

Athirapally Falls in Kerala has been called the 'Niagara of India'.