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Don’t jump to judge: Why calling suicide a cowardly and selfish act is of no help to anyone

“One of my clients once told me, ‘Depression is such a tepid word for the agony which I am going through’.”

From MF Husain to Amrita Sher-Gil, this art exhibition has the best of India's modern artists

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'You won't get married, do you have thyroid?' What it's like growing up a fat kid in India

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The search to extend lifespan is gaining ground, but can we truly reverse the biology of ageing?

Ageing research is often promoted as the key to the “eternal fountain of youth”, or an “elixir of immortality”.

The world's first glow-in-the-dark frog found in Argentina

A team of herpetologists made the headline-grabbing discovery in the outskirts of the city of Santa Fe, Argentina, while collecting frogs to research the biochemical cloricia in amphibians.

How tap and order food apps could be destroying our diet and health

Ask yourself before you tap – are you ordering smart, how much do you need and why do you order so frequently.

The science of gossip: four ways to make it less toxic

If we follow some simple steps we can take part in gossip without it ending in tears.

Of slings and wraps: These kangaroo mammas can't rave enough about babywearing

New moms say babywearing helps babies sleep better and has given them greater freedom to step outside.

How the choice of bacteria in your food can keep you healthy

Gut microbiota, the collection of symbiotic micro-organisms in our digestive tract, is known to play a crucial role in our digestive health.

Summer is coming: Time to get your pickle and pappadam fix

These are traditional foods that evolved as a way to preserve produce.

Everyone believes the myth of promiscuous males and coy females, but does the data hold?

Victorian attitudes influenced what scientists thought they were observing about sexual behaviors in the animal world. But modern techniques reveal the myth for what it is.

Meet the Kerala Collective trying to make sustainable menstruation a reality

Non-biodegradable, toxin-filled, disposable sanitary pads are a problem - but what’s the solution?

Do you look like your name?

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What's behind phantom cellphone buzzes?

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Seven awesome trips from Chennai that you can make in just one day

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