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The Madras Observatory marks the triumphal fusion of scientific knowledge and imperial power

Alongside other massive British projects, the Madras Observatory heralded the rise of a new kind of science, serving the needs of a global empire and imposing its sway on subject peoples.

IAF officer and cricket star: Meet the woman who fights for India on and off the field

Flt.Lt. Shikha Pandey enjoys the pride of being the first and only IAF officer to play cricket for India.

Talking about periods with boys — how easy is it?

Schools needs to be more open about the importance of menstruation and they need to be more sympathetic towards the stigma girls face.

Why having the sex talk early and often with your kids is good for them

Engaging in difficult conversations establishes trust and primes children to approach parents with future life challenges.

Sexual harassment 101: These five reads tell you all you need to know

Why do many survivors take time to report sexual harassment? How can we combat the 'locker room talk' culture?

From 'Kabali' Dhansika to Varalaxmi in 'Shakti': Is short hair catching on in Tamil films?

Even Oviya recently donated her hair for cancer patients and sports a trendy short haircut.

Dare to look away: Photos of the first Indian to have his eyeballs tattooed

Recently, a Canadian woman suffered partial blindness after the procedure. But Karan claims it's safe if you go to a trusted professional.

Can India’s urban future be a healthy one?

Ill-health is the price rural Indians have to pay for seeking a better life in the city. 29 villages near Hyderabad help explain why.

Have you had sutriyan? Meet biryani's yummy, slurpy cousin

Sutriyan is a traditional, one pot dish - pretty much like all hipster dishes today.

Seven body organs you can live without

Did you know that it is possible to live without your stomach?