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From nombu kanji to double ka meetha: The Ramzan dishes you must try this season

There's no cultural diversity more enjoyable than that of food!

Kerala Chronicles: How one missing student brought down a Congress govt in just a month

P Rajan, a student of REC, Calicut, became emblematic of the horrifying excesses of the Emergency in Kerala.

Kerala Chronicles: When Gandhi-loyalist AK Antony turned into an implacable Indira foe in the 1970s

At the height of the Emergency, Antony was one of the only Congress leaders to criticise the use of Emergency powers and the rise of the ‘Sanjay wave’.

Photos: This Indian museum traces 4,500-year history of toilets and manages to look pretty too

It displays many types of toilet seats -- from wooden to ornamental and from electric to floral.

Kerala chronicles: When a coalition of 7 political parties came together only to fall apart

In 1967, the Sapthakakshi Munnani consisting of 7 parties including CPI, CPI (M) ruled Kerala.

Kerala Chronicles: How an Assembly Speaker kept a Congress govt afloat for 3 months in 1982

The Karunakaran government was nicknamed Casting Government, and Speaker Jose became Casting Speaker.

The rise – and possible fall – of the graphing calculator

Teachers are starting to ditch graphing calculators for math apps. Was the expensive tech ever worth it – or is it just holding students back?

Moral grandstanding: there’s a lot of it about, all of it bad

Moral grandstanding is worse than being merely annoying.

Worm, fungi or enhancement drug? All about the ‘Himalayan Viagra’ and why it’s endangered

Just one kilogram of yarsagumba or 'Himalayan viagra' can fetch up to US$100,000.

My many selves: How I learned to live with multiple personalities

Emma Young meets a woman with dissociative identity disorder and discovers what happens when you lose your sense of being an individual.