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Battling century's worst drought, India's farmers revive traditional grains

"We should go back to traditional varieties that are suited to this soil, that can withstand these conditions. It is the only way farmers can make a decent living"

‘Just like the Taj Mahal, Indian dogs are a part of our heritage’: Interview with Theodore Baskaran

'We need to understand that the people who raised dogs in India were the trappers, hunters, farmhands, workers and loaders, the working class essentially.'

Eight foods that (nearly) last forever

In 2015, archaeologists found 3,000-year-old honey that was edible, but that's not all.

India’s torture record is dire – but Britain has little to crow about

There is something disconcerting about the Western move to denounce the human rights records of post-colonial states.

How the only Dalit woman involved in making our Constitution faced sexism during a speech

Dakshayani Velayudhan was making a passionate speech about untouchability, but was cut short by the Vice President of the Assembly, HC Mookherjee.

How this Madras Parliamentarian decimated the ‘Hindi as national language’ debate in 1949

TA Ramalingam Chettiar represented Madras in the Constituent Assembly. Read his speech where he stands up for the rights of all languages, especially Tamil.

India's transplant woes: Should everyone be signed up as donors by default?

Organ donation in India is as low as 0.3 per million population.

Is the food industry conspiring to make you fat?

Your stomach rumbles and your mouth waters at the sight and smell of so much food.

Tuberculosis in India: A tragedy here, and a grave concern for the rest of the world

India had more cases of TB than any other country in 2015, and accounted for more than a quarter of the world’s deaths.

How the Partition of India happened – and why its effects are still felt today

As the British Empire became an unaffordable burden, planning for India's independence quickly ran into trouble.