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Till Kapil Dev, cricket was an urban, Brahmin sport, writes Rajdeep Sardesai

Kapil Dev’s rise in Indian cricket defied every stereotype, writes Radeep Sardesai in his book ‘Democracy’s XI’.

Chennai man who traced his roots to The Great Tea Robbery of the British from China

James Ajoo, a man who grew up in Chennai, realised that his grandfather was a pawn in one of the greatest heists of the 19th century - the Great Tea Robbery.

A German couple lost their dog in July: How a Chennai woman gave them a happy ending

On Saturday evening, Vijaya Narayanan, an animal welfare worker based out of Besant Nagar in Chennai, received a phone call from a man...

Aarushi - Beyond Reasonable Doubt: Finally, an investigative documentary on the twin murders

The film looks at facts in a pool of opinions and shows us Aarushi as she lived and breathed.

How we discovered gravitational waves from ‘neutron stars’ – and why it’s such a huge deal

Scientists also said that the same stars colliding in space, may have the answers to where gold originated from.

I travelled through 11 Indian states without spending a rupee: A 23-yr-old's story

He only carried a makeshift tent, sleeping bed, three pairs of clothing, a laptop, phone and a power bank.

Things you were taught at school that are wrong

Were your teachers right about when to use commas, and about not starting sentences with 'and'?

The history of dangerous cosmetics and the harms women have suffered for 'beauty'

The gendering of cosmetic use means that women are most affected by dangerous products and procedures.

‘Me Too’ said countless women: But why do so few cases of sexual abuse go to cops?

Top police officers tell TNM that while women aren’t unwilling to go to the police, what stops them is fear. Fear of what? Read on.

Kerala trailblazer: Meet Sarsamma Lalitha, who represented Indian football in 1981

What is most exciting about Lalitha’s football journey is that she began without formal training, simply watching others play and joining in.