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Everyone believes the myth of promiscuous males and coy females, but does the data hold?

Victorian attitudes influenced what scientists thought they were observing about sexual behaviors in the animal world. But modern techniques reveal the myth for what it is.

Meet the Kerala Collective trying to make sustainable menstruation a reality

Non-biodegradable, toxin-filled, disposable sanitary pads are a problem - but what’s the solution?

Do you look like your name?

This study shows that others’ perceptions of our first name is reflected in our faces.

What's behind phantom cellphone buzzes?

Have you ever experienced a phantom phone call or text?

Seven awesome trips from Chennai that you can make in just one day

Beautiful caves and rare birds.

Do you need to be a couple to bring up a child together? These legal ‘co-mommas’ say no

The heartwarming story of how two best friends - one of Indian origin - fought a legal battle to become parents to a 7-year-old.

Matching health with taste: Check out these egg-ziting dishes from the South

From egg dosa to nadan egg roast, it's all here!

A dose of music: Is sound healing the next wave in holistic therapy?

After meditation and yoga, sound healing could be the next step in holistic therapy as it starts to gain a foothold in the country.

LetzChange, an online portal that verifies NGOs and makes your decision to give easier

During the Chennai floods, LetzChange helped an NGO raise Rs 1 crore in less than a week.

Colours of peace: Meet Bengaluru artist Jeetin Rangher, who takes art to Kashmiri schoolgirls

Jeetin goes to Kashmir every year to bring art into the lives of Kashmir's youth.

Hot food, fast: The home microwave oven turns 50

A serendipitous discovery helped engineers harness radar to create this now ubiquitous timesaving appliance.

How do animals see in the dark?

The world seen by nocturnal insects may not be as sharp or as well resolved in time as that experienced by their day-active relatives.

Why does Pakistan's horror pulp fiction stereotype 'the Hindu'?

What makes these stories intriguing is their ability to disseminate ideology.

Book Review: Perumal Murugan's 'Pyre', may its heat singe some sense into you!

Originally written in Tamil and translated into English, 'Pyre' is Kumaresan and Saroja's love story laced with the poison of caste.

Gyms are passe, here are new age methods encouraging women to reach fitness goals

Going to the gym is boring and it's okay to admit it!

Glaucoma can steal your sight silently: Why you need to know more about it

Glaucoma is described as the “silent blinding disease” or the “sneak thief of sight”, according to World Glaucoma Week website.

‘Veerappan: Chasing the Brigand’ is equal parts blockbuster thriller and police dossier

K Vijay Kumar may not be as good a writer as he is a cop, but his book is nevertheless unputdownable.

From going solar to taking their own cutlery to parties, these Indians root for green practices

Cheaper, cleaner, greener living should have more takers.

Eat for hours, eat all you want: The Indian foodie's love for barbeque restaurants

From Cajun potatoes to grilled prawns, the barbeque invasion is here to stay.

Unconscious bias is keeping women out of senior roles, but we can get around it

Overcoming affinity bias, people's tendency to favour candidates most like themselves, is key to breaking the glass ceiling.

Does a new era of bleaching beckon for Indian Ocean coral reefs?

There are many other reefs across the globe that are dying, and no one seems to care.