In depth reportage

Watch: Why the people of Kerala need to wake up and save the Periyar

From a greenish blue, the water suddenly becomes pitch black - but that's just one day.

Sensational stories, rare follow ups: Media coverage of child sexual abuse needs change

Our perceptions rely heavily on how the media describes these acts. So what happens when these accounts are riddled with glaring loopholes?

The mental health care crisis in Indian campuses

Interviews with students, teachers and mental health professionals in over 20 educational institutions show that the causes of student suicides are varied and intersectional.

India’s garbage mess: Why we need to start doing more at our homes and work-places

The cost of a centralised landfill is very high, both financially, and environmentally. We must implement decentralised waste collection and recycling.

Millions of kids in danger: Why India struggles with a massive child labour problem

There is no official data (publicly available) to establish the magnitude of the deaths of child labourers.

India’s recycling industry is collapsing, ignoring it will land us in an urban nightmare

The already recession-hit industry has received a huge blow from rupee demonetisation and GST rollout, and if we don't implement the right policies, it will worsen our plastics problem.

The stories that don’t make headlines: Aftermath of child sexual abuse and how families cope

After the spotlight is turned off and the media moves on to the next outrage cycle, what happens to survivors and families of child sexual abuse?

Child brides of Malappuram: Why Kerala's most populous district marries off its girls so young

Patriarchy, poverty, and lack of education and awareness combine to sustain the practice despite the best efforts of the government.

Watch: When a 14-year-old intellectually disabled sexual assault survivor was put on trial

Despite her mental condition, when Tarini was cross-examined in court, she was asked very technical questions about the assault.

Trafficking On-Demand: How the smartphone has modernised India's human smuggling

But the same smartphones could also hold the solutions to control the crime.