Celebrations for 82-yr-old seer’s male child: We’re still feudal when it comes to sex

We live in a Bharat where we celebrate an octagenarian ‘finally’ having a male heir, but are enraged that a youth may watch porn or have sex.

The Thomas Chandy episode: End of old school values in Kerala politics?

Old timers recall how PK Vasudevan Nair took a state transport bus upon resignation as CM to his native place Perumbavoor.

Threats to cut Deepika’s nose for ‘Padmavati’: Why does a film bother haters so much?

Threats to cut off Deepika's nose have been made, along with claims of the film distorting 'historical facts'.

Give ‘Padmavati’ a chance, and stop insulting artistes and their creativity

When Bhansali is insulted for using his imagination to create a piece of art, I find India diminished.

Living with snakes in Bengaluru: What to do and what not to

Frequent reports of snakes in houses, backyards, gardens, and even inside cars have given Bangalore the title of a 'Snake city' in the recent past.

India is a reluctant republic, but it's time we took ownership of our governance

Why do we behave subserviently to our elected representatives, and why do they behave like they lord over us?

In Thomas Chandy’s failure to resign, the ghost of MV Raghavan haunts present-day CPI (M)

The progressive dilution of Communist ideology has rendered the present-day CPI (M) into a social democratic party without convictions.

Why November 8 is a black day for India’s democratic institutions, writes a DMK MLA

Demonetisation and its aftermath have badly hurt the painstakingly built-up reputations of the RBI, the judiciary and the established media.

Government plan to rank Kendriya Vidyalayas: Why fix what's not broken?

There are urgent questions to be asked of each of the criteria on which the government plans to rank Kendriya Vidyalayas across the country.

Keezhadi is an archaeological milestone, let's not bury it in knee-jerk politics

It’s too early to foist theories of religion or secularism on Keezhadi – we need to dig first and write stories later.