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When 150 artistes come together for children with special needs, you get one amazing song

From actors like Upendra to singers like SP Balasubramaniam to classical icons like Pandit Jasraj, a galaxy of stars appear on this song.

7 natural ways to treat cracked heels

Dropping temperature in winter adds to the problem and can also lead to cracked heels that cause pain and discomfort.

4 decades after Billie Jean King’s triumph, women still fight for equal billing in sports

There have been gains, but attitudes still haven’t changed enough to make sport a welcome place for women.

A guide to meteor showers – what to look out for and when

We can see meteors in the night sky all year round, but at certain times of the year we get spectacular shows.

In black and white, this photo series lays bare the hard truths of manual scavenging

What he saw and heard as the cinematographer for the documentary ‘Kakkoos’ drove Kumar to build a rich chronicle of manual scavengers’ lives.

How much time should your child spend studying, including school hours?

Indian children are spending anything between 4 and 10 hours in school. Is there an ideal number of hours your child should be spending there?

Malayalam poetry resounds at the Sharjah International Book Fair

Malayalam poets Alankode Leelakrishnan and Anil Panachooran captivated audiences with their poetry.

Social media has made everything more vicious: Commentator Harsha Bhogle to TNM

Harsha Bhogle opens up about telling the story of sport and why it’s become much harder to freewheel in the commentary box

What it’s like to be gay and in a gang

There are many stereotypes of and assumptions about street gangs, just as there are many stereotypes and assumptions about gay men.

Answering the question that won me the Ig Nobel prize: Are cats liquid?

The prizes are awarded every year by Improbable Research, an organization devoted to science and humor.