PETA India's Sunny Leone ad: Is it OK to objectify women to save animals?

From showing women simulating sex with vegetables to labelling their bodies as meat cuts, PETA has objectified women for years.

Do I have to be a VIP to be applauded for sending my daughter to a govt school?

There have been many instances when we have wanted to retract our decision, but somehow, our convictions drive us on.

How bad could Trump's Paris Agreement withdrawal be? A scientist's perspective

Most of the uncertainty arises from how the 194 other signatories of the Paris Agreement and the global economy will respond to Trump’s decision.

'Winged termites are yummy': The day my ayah taught me to respect what's on another's plate

In a time when what you choose to eat has become a political question, we need to teach our children to respect others’ choices.

Govt has grand plans of achieving 100% electric mobility by 2030, but are they feasible?

While the idea is futuristic, a few moments' reflection reveals its gaping flaws.

The WHO has a new head and his job is not cut out for him

Since his election, Tedros has received a lot of advice, mostly from usual suspects in western capitals and western public health journals. Most of this advice is useless.

Study says women experience same-sex attraction as it arouses men: Are you facepalming yet?

Dear ‘researcher’, lesbians are not into men. That’s sort of the point.

I’m a vegetarian who stands for animal rights but I will defend the right to eat beef

As a ‘reformed’ addict of the Kerala beef fry, I can easily empathise with those holding beef fests to protest the Modi government’s cattle slaughter rules.

21 years after godman Chandraswami was arrested from Madras, a journalist recounts the night

Kalyan Arun recalls how Subramanian Swamy barged in, arguing with the CBI on why the godman should not be arrested.

Burying the truth: The Indian govt has risked lives by not declaring Zika cases

The Health Ministry has to come clean on what happened.

By keeping lights on all night, Bengaluru’s high-end stores are affecting the environment

Faceless mannequins gaze out of showrooms, enjoying the spotlights. They’re also killing the environment.

Sonu Nigam says he’ll leave Twitter to support singer Abhijeet, we’re wondering when logic died

Dear Sonu Nigam, there’s a difference between voicing opinions and prescribing violence against women.

Leave the politics aside, it just makes a lot of sense to learn the local language

You can have objections to learning the local language only if you believe that everyone else should speak the same language you do.

By infringing on the executive, SC has set a dangerous precedent in the Senkumar case

Elected representatives are the final arbitrator of Public dissatisfaction, not courts.

Actor Vishal calls for indefinite strike to curb piracy: Will it be of any use?

How practical is it to expect the state government to resolve a problem that's widespread across entertainment industries around the world?

Is Kalabharati the real reason why the Telangana govt wants the Dharna Chowk to go?

Soon after coming to power, the KCR government has been relentlessly trying to privatise public properties and inventing construction schemes.

Why India's decision to not endorse China's New Silk Road project is wise foreign policy

China is aware of the importance of India’s role as a regional power to meet the set objectives of OBOR.

If Rajinikanth says 'I like barotta', does that mean he's entering politics?

For years, people have been asking 'When will Rajini enter politics?'. Can we please stop?

Blood, sweat and swearing: Having children is beautiful, but childbirth isn’t for many

Popular culture shows us a beaming mother gazing adoringly at a newborn; three women recall how different it is when it comes to childbirth.

Motherhood is a choice, and 9 other truths we should keep in mind

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes, there is in no one prototype.