Winds of change in Telangana Cong as party plans to take on KCR in 2019

With the Congress rather uncharacteristically looking to put its house in Hyderabad in order, the first signs of a serious contest in Telangana are emerging.

This Dhanteras, should you be taking gold investment so seriously?

The fact remains, however, that gold, despite all this, is really not the best investment that you can make.

For a truly Swachh Bharat, India must look beyond building individual toilets

The need for community toilets is already recognised as part of current sanitation interventions, but is often not implemented.

By playing Hindutva game for decades, Congress helped BJP rise

In recent decades, there have been two distinct postures the Congress has struck towards the BJP.

Blog: How right is it to celebrate a birthday at an orphanage?

Perhaps by celebrating birthdays and anniversaries with these children, you are making them realise what they don't have.

Weinstein scandal: Why is sexual harassment by people in positions of power so prevalent?

Multiple allegations of sexual harassment and rape have surfaced time and again against powerful and influential men in the country.

KM Mani wants to ride the LDF boat, but it won't be easy rowing against the tide

The biggest impediment for KC (M)’s entry into LDF, however, would be the CPI, which has time and again voiced its opinion against this.

The caste politics curse that India just can't shake off

The BJP’s massive effort to woo lower castes will ultimately deepen India’s caste politics and strengthen the caste system.

What Gandhi can teach today's protesters

For contemporary protesters, Gandhi and Luther King’s political strategies could provide some valuable lessons.

India's ambitious new plan to conquer TB needs cash and commitment

Can India turn things around and control the epidemic?

Reframing for 'redemption' the Phillip Morris International’s Foundation, for a Smoke-Free world

PMI could make a voluntary donation as a way of admitting previous wrongdoing and declaring their intent to go out of the tobacco business by 2030.

BJP attempts to pull down Kerala govt with 'stats' but they're only hurting Malayali pride

Though the BJP is well within its rights to criticise the CPI (M) for violence, the party has not learnt from the ‘Somalia’ debacle.

Gauri Lankesh murder: The left jumped, the right jumped and death jumped the highest

The image of the grieving mother at the funeral haunts me. One of us has been slain because of what she believed in.

Dileep gets bail: Court tells him not to influence case and Janapriyanayakan has to listen

If Dileep could get so many to speak up in his favour when he was in judicial custody, what can we expect in the coming days?

Rape, consent and the Farooqui judgment: Why we need to start handing out a license for sex

Any adult who desires to indulge in sex, before, after, during, or besides a marriage, should be a certified sex practitioner.

Criticism isn't hatred, PM Modi is not an underdog: Response to 'Hate-Modi industry’ piece

One wonders who wants to criticise someone for the heck of it and receive death threats on social media?

Five assumptions we make about North Korea – and why they're wrong

It is important to move beyond the common caricatures of the country and its leader, Kim Jong-un.

Twitter’s new 280-character limit trial is a risky strategy

Twitter’s new announcement can do little if anything to address the fundamental challenges the social media platform continues to face.

What binds Indian families together: The fear of perception

Ever seen how an Indian family reacts when a kissing scene comes on TV?

Being called a slut is not empowering for women - it's power failure

Choice. Feminism for so many young women I know is that. Choice.

Why saying 'Avanodoppam' with Dileep or other accused is silencing the survivor

The support for powerful men accused in cases of sexual violence is more than just a show of friendship - it forms the backbone of rape culture.